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types of beads

Types Of Beads

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The world of beads could instantly make you dizzy and get you confused. There are a gazillion varieties of beads found in the market today. How could you possibly differentiate one from another? It would probably be a lifetime before you could identify the different bead types to create your...

types of pants

Types Of Pants


Pants have been important clothing articles for decades now. These have been extremely popular with men and women alike and have been used for various purposes for centuries. Pants were initially designed to be worn by men, but the bug quickly caught on and the fashion spread like wild fire...

types of boots

Types Of Boots


Have you ever wanted to own a pair of swank boots that can make you feel like a star? Many of you might love the idea of possessing a pair of classy boots that can suit every outfit you have in the wardrobe. This is also true that a lot...

Fashion for Women Over 50

Fashion For Women Over 50


For all you know, you could be the next Holly Hunter or even Sex in the City’s famous Samantha Jones. All you need is a few lessons on fashion, some confidence and you are all ready to set hearts on fire. The trick here is not to dress up like...

Types of Bags

Types Of Bags


Bags are the single most desirable and everlasting fashion accessories that have never really gone out of style. There must be a thousand varieties of bags out there. How would you know which one to pick? Some of us may not have even known the names for these bags although...

Fashion for Men Over 50

Fashion For Men Over 50


Men’s fashion boasts of the most flexible dressing types in today’s world. Unlike women’s fashion that goes under the constant scrutiny of ‘change’, men’s fashion is all about ageless styles and classics. One can hardly ever go wrong with men’s styles and fashion changes. There isn’t much to change in...

Types of earrings

Types Of Earrings


Do you want to look feisty like your next-door-neighbor who has a zillion ear piercings? Are you buying earrings for the first time or are you just looking for a change but unsure of the types available? Try counting the different pairs of hoops, dangling drops and studs you have....

victorian fashion for women

Victorian Fashion For Women


In today’s world, women follow the ideals of simple and beautiful. In stark contrast, women in the plush Victorian era were subjected to ridicule and mockery if they weren’t dressed in exaggerated bustles, hoop-skirts and ostentatious accessories. Tight corsets and crinolines were the call of the era. Prim and proper...

women wardrobe basics

Women Wardrobe Basics


How many of you have looked into your closet and said, “I have nothing to wear?” In fact, most of us start our day with this question. Always keep in mind that whenever you go shopping, invest on the right pieces so that you need not worry each time you...

how to use hot rollers

How To Use Hot Rollers

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Hair rollers are great ways to bring back dull, limp, lifeless hair back to life with a little zing and bounce! Curling hair has never been so stylish and fun. Hair rollers make it easier for women to add a little volume and bounce to the hair with an addition...