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what to wear to a club

What To Wear To A Club


There are so many types of clubs today, and what you wear is dictated by the place you are going to and the kind of party or meeting you would be attending. If you are going to a formal club with restricted membership, it is possible that the club has...

teenage summer fashion

Teenage Summer Fashion

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Teenage fashion is an important segment of fashion industry and is a big business. Both boys and girls can be equally fashionable. With the onset of summer and the start of holidays, you would need getaway clothes irrespective of whether you are going on a vacation or just spending time...

types of women's shoes

Types of Women’s Shoes


Shoes are a women’s best friend. No woman stops at just a pair of shoe. When it comes to mentioning women’s shoes, the general classification is just heels and flats. Only a woman knows that there are so many different styles in between. You need to have different shoes for...

how to fray jeans

How To Fray Jeans


Fraying a pair of jeans can sound like a bucket load of fun. If you have ever dreamt of taking out all your frustration on an old pair of denims, fraying it for amusement or just slicing parts of your jeans off to follow the fashion trends, you are on...

types of hats

Types Of Hats


To put it in simple terms, hats have existed for a very long time. It is said that hats were one of the first apparels to have been worn by humans. They have been used as headgears for protection against varying, extreme climates. As the times advanced, people and cultures...

how to shrink jeans

How To Shrink Jeans


Jeans do not give the right look unless they fit you well. Sadly, jeans do not come in any standard size and are not tailor-made to fit every body shape. It takes effort, time and several trials to find that one pair of jeans that suits a body shape perfectly,...

how to grow eyebrows

How To Grow Eyebrows


Eyebrows have always been associated with beauty. Ancient Egyptians were the first to groom eyebrows by enhancing them with kohl. From then on, eyebrows have become an essential part of an attractive face. Be it fashion or otherwise, everyone especially women love perfectly groomed thick, full and healthy eyebrows. Very...

how to buy men's pants

How To Buy Men’s Pants


The range of men’s pants available in the market is varied and the designs are being constantly updated to match with contemporary trends. While each type of pant is designed to suit a purpose, everyone should have a collection of them all, which will make it easy to pick the...

eyebrow shapes for women

Eyebrow Shapes For Women


Perfectly shaped eyebrows give you a well-groomed look. They play an important part in accentuating the features of your face, especially the eyes. There are different ways in which eyebrows can be shaped, but not every shape would suit your face. You should choose a shape that suits the structure...

types of lingerie

Types Of Lingerie


Lingerie is what you typically make of it. You can consider it to be boring body support or sensual apparel that can make you feel undeniably irresistible, even if it is hidden under piles of clothing. Apart from its functions, lingerie, whether sexy or demure, has proven to be a...