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tuxedo accessories

Tuxedo Accessories


Tuxedos are great, must have essentials in every man’s wardrobe. You might need it for that important wedding, a formal party, the office dinner, the prom or even just to look and feel like Bond while entering that casino. Tuxedos mostly come in black, dark blue and brown for formal...

how to remove chest hair

How To Remove Chest Hair

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There’s nothing wrong with sporting a little chest hair for men, but for women it can be a pressing, inconvenient and even an unspeakable problem. This condition in women can occur due to hormonal imbalance, such as a medical condition called ‘hirsutism’, or can even be a genetic condition. Whatever...

how to buy a wedding dress

How To Buy A Wedding Dress


Now that the big day has been decided, it is time to do the next biggest thing on the wedding menu — hunt for the perfect wedding dress. With the diverse cultures and communities spread across the globe, there is a huge variety of colourful wedding attire options for brides...

how to buy a handbag

How To Buy A Handbag


Handbag is one accessory that women cannot do without. This most essential accessory for women provides enough space to keep various belongings such as wallets, books, necessary cosmetics, mobile phones and other small knick-knacks that are indispensable for women. Every woman craves for that absolute arm candy that not only...

black tie attire for women

Black Tie Attire For Women

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These events are the red-carpet events that require you to dazzle all, while you strut across the hallway, stunning a dozen men in your path and yet remain unfazed with all the attention you receive. You see yourself gliding in your backless gown, complete with the perfect hairstyle, makeup and...

fashion accessories for women

Fashion Accessories For Women

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Wardrobe essentials are essentially the foundation of your style and quality. Apart from the usual must haves like faded jeans, a white tee shirt, a formal shirt and your favorite LBD (yes, The quintessential Little Black Dress), there are a few mandatory accessories that you require in your wardrobe to...

1950s clothing for men

1950s Clothing For Men


Believe it or not, during the 1950s, men tended to dress very much like each other. Of course, they did not have a varied choice in clothes and colors like those that we have today. They, therefore, preferred to wear suits, which were uniformly dark and looked very similar. Men...