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How To Tie A Bandana

How To Tie A Bandana


The bandana, like a scarf, is worn by both men and women. However women started using bandanas made with materials like silk and wool till it eventually became a fashion item. Primarily used to keep the hair in place, bandanas help in keeping the hair covered, protecting them from the...

how to make togas

How To Make Togas


Togas were garments worn exclusively by the ancient Romans. They were essentially long pieces of woolen or cotton cloth, about 20 feet in length, which were wrapped around the body, over a tunic worn underneath. Togas were worn by the upper or privileged classes, like businessmen or politicians. They were...

how to choose sunglasses

How To Choose Sunglasses


While sunglasses are commonly used as fashion accessories, they also protect your eyes from harmful sunrays and glare that can cause eye strain; they are made with tinted lenses to cut down brightness. The choice of sunglasses can affect your vision by reducing the harshness of light as well as...

1960s hippies fashion

1960’s Hippie Fashion


The hippie movement, which started in the United States, was chiefly promoted by the youth between the age of fifteen years and twenty-five years. This movement symbolized a cultural dissent that spread in many parts of the world, and was a testament to the ever-evolving styles of youth of this...

how to wear a scarf

How To Wear A Scarf


Scarves originated in ancient Rome, where they were used by people to wipe the face and neck to stay hygienic. During the early, ancient Egyptian civilization, scarves were more of symbols of social status. Worn around the neck or the waist, scarves were not originally used to keep the neck...

how to pluck your eyebrows

How To Pluck Eyebrows


Well-plucked and shaped eyebrows are a routine part of healthy grooming. Today, as more women prefer to get their eyebrows done professionally, eyebrow boutiques are opening up in all the large metros. Even if you want to shape your eyebrows yourself, it is better to get professional help the first...

Trends In Mens Shoes

Trends In Men’s Shoes


Most men realize that shoes form an important part of dressing, as much as clothes and headgears do. You can wear the best of clothes, but if you top it off with unmatched or shabby looking footwear, it would mar your overall look. In fact, fashion experts today recognize footwear...