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How to wear a beret

How To Wear A Beret


The beret is a humble cap that had its beginnings in Europe and became a very popular fashion accessory in France and Spain. The beret traditionally formed a part of many army and police uniforms. To this day, these caps continue to be a part of various uniforms and are...

Teenage Winter Fashions

Teenage Winter Fashion


Teenage is the most beautiful period of one’s life; it is when you experience your first crush, your first party or your first prom. Your clothes and looks rule your life in the teenage and form the most important part of your existence. Teenagers pride themselves on being well-versed with...

How to tie a scarf

How To Tie A Scarf


The history of scarves dates back to the golden era of Romans when it was used only as a piece of cloth for functional purposes like covering one’s head or as a handkerchief. It then became a part of daily wear to protect oneself from harsh sunlight and, for a...

hair accessories

Hair Accessories For Women


No woman can resist the temptation of a fashionable hair accessory. Hair, being really precious, is one of the most crucial aspects of a woman’s overall appearance. With the right hair accessory, women can flaunt different styles on a daily basis. With a wide array of hair accessories available all...