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How to Tie a Windsor Knot

How To Tie A Windsor Knot


This style of wearing a tie is followed by a majority of men when it comes to attending business meetings or other professional get-togethers. These are occasions where formal appearances matter the most. While it is generally known as the ‘full Windsor’ or ‘double Windsor’, the actual name i.e. ‘Windsor...

How to Dress for Opera

How to Dress For Opera


If you are going to the opera for the first time, you should be aware that opera houses have dress codes and the rules have to be strictly adhered to. It would be a good idea to check what the dress code is before you decide on what to wear....

wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe Essentials For Women


You can throw in your shopping bags full of new, trendy clothes into the wardrobe, but at some point of time, they are going to become ancient and ‘out-of-fashion’. Where do you go then? This is a prime reason to build on a strong ‘must-haves’ foundation in your wardrobe. Your...


How To Put On Cufflinks


Cufflinks are dazzling accessories that are meant to be worn with suits and French shirts for formal occasions. Events where they are considered appropriate are dinner parties, prom events, weddings and other such high-end social get-togethers. These make men look swank and are used as enhancement accessories to go with...