Black Tie Attire For Women

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black tie attire for women

These events are the red-carpet events that require you to dazzle all, while you strut across the hallway, stunning a dozen men in your path and yet remain unfazed with all the attention you receive. You see yourself gliding in your backless gown, complete with the perfect hairstyle, makeup and fur, if you possess one. Black tie events are formal occasions that give you the perfect opportunity to dress your classy-best while flaunting your expensive jewelery and stature. These kinds of events happen rarely and it is not every day that you get to dress and feel like an Oscar-nominated diva. Who can forget the glitzy, black gown that Angelina Jolie wore for the awards ceremony while walking down the red carpet? Of course, the leg incident was different scandal altogether! Looking at pictures might help you but reading and educating yourself about the various types of dresses can you help you better. The next section helps you with just that!

Black Tie Dresses

Empire Waist Gowns
These gowns are dazzling pieces that are tight till the bust, with plunging necklines and sequins that flow loose from the bust all the way to the ankles. They are universally gorgeous and look elegant on any body type. These are extremely versatile dresses that come in a variety of patterns, designs, materials and can be immediately transformed from something casual to something very formal. The shorter empire waist gowns look better on taller women, while the longer waist gowns suit shorter women better and give them a more elongated appearance. These look best in bold, or even soft, colors with no patterns and delicate jewelry. You can even team this with a fur shawl or a clutch bag and you are all set to dazzle the red carpet laid out for you.

A-Line Dresses
The A-line dresses are some of the most popular forms of black-tie dresses and women prefer them for their exquisite cut and feel. These dresses have deep necklines that are tight all the way to the waist, before flaring out from the waist in the shape of an ‘A’. These look extravagant on lean women with a slim build and slender arms. They usually come with a princess neckline that exposes only a tiny amount of cleavage, which makes the woman look sophisticated and decent. These dresses come in different materials such as satins, nets, chiffons and organza, and are extremely flexible to work with in terms of accessorizing. These look great for a black-tie event and can make you feel like a million bucks.

Knee-Length Dresses
Knee-length dresses are great options for a black-tie party and if you have those killer legs, it doesn’t get any better than these. Knee-length dresses look best for a black tie event held in the afternoon; leave the long, flowing gowns for an evening event. These are sexy, stylish and come in a variety of shapes, cuts and colors that can make you sizzle for an ‘oh-so-formal’ setting. These can also be worn with cute ballerina shoes, funky accessories and a mini-clutch bag. Young girls and maidens often opt for these dresses for a black tie afternoon event.

Tea Length Dresses
The best part about tea length dresses is that they complement a woman’s body perfectly and are the proper blend of a full length and a knee length gown, hence being the best of both worlds. Tea length dresses have a sort of vintage aura to them, which is what makes them so special. These can be teamed with an elegant pair of nude pumps and a hat for an afternoon event. However, if the black tie party falls in the evening, try opting for an off shoulder tea-length dress with heels and a dainty little purse. These dresses fall a little below the knees and look best in neutral shades. They are made with lighter fabrics than those used in a cocktail dress and have fun, bold, floral and intricate designs on them. Try these if you want to wear something a little out-of-the-box!

Formal Skirt And Blouse
For those of you who are not comfortable in dressing yourselves in gowns, you can opt for a more semi-formal approach by wearing a formal skirt and a blouse. Try wearing a nude or a dark colored pencil skirt that falls below your knees, and team it up with a dressy blouse. Be a little adventurous and opt for something made out of velvet for the skirt and organza for the blouse. You can never go drastically wrong with a skirt and blouse combination. They are staples in every woman’s wardrobe and look classy and chic for a black-tie event. Select a mini clutch to go with the attire and leave your hair loose or in a messy bun to complete the look. Minimal jewelery should complement this attire perfectly.

Important Tips

    • While dressing for a black tie event, don’t forget to see what suits you and your curves best. If you are slightly on the heavier side, try to avoid extremely clingy material that might show a little too much than expected and vice versa. Do your homework and find out the best silhouettes, cuts and lengths that will suit your body type.
    • Don’t stick to only black. Experiment with different colors in your wardrobe. Just because the invite mentions it is a ‘black’ tie event doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drape the same color for the occasion.
    • Be slightly professional with your make up. Don’t overdo it. Keep it subtle and stunning.
    • Do not over accessorize while dressing for a black tie event. Keep the look simple with a pair of pearl drop earrings or a watch or an expensive necklace set.
    • Select the right shoes for the event. Do not walk into a black tie party looking all formal from head to heels and then going totally off with the wrong footwear. It is mandatory to get all the right accessories in place.

Black tie events can make or break your image in the public. You have to be confident about what you are wearing, and wear it effortlessly. Do not try too hard to fit in and stick to safe options if you are feeling like a nervous-wreck. Remember, these events are high class occasions and if this is your first, you will need to prepare yourself mentally before you can start researching on what you want to wear. The above write-up gives you sufficient ideas on how to awe and astonish a black-tie crowd, fitting you right in. Have fun!