Dresses To Wear To A Party

Dresses to Wear to a Party

Be it dinner and drinks, dancing at a pub, or just a cocktail party at your place, you need to look smart and confident. The perfect way to go about it is to pick up the most appropriate attire for the occasion at hand. A wrong choice of dress may make you feel awkward and even bring down your confidence. All parties are not the same. Some are extremely casual while some are extremely formal with others being overtly traditional. Each of these occasions, varies in the overall mood and ambience and hence, you need to carry the correct attitude to enjoy your time. Not only the attire but the accessories also play an important role in creating a perfect look. Pants, shirts and blazers are not the universal dress code for men to wear in parties. Likewise, for ladies, jeans and tops may not fit all occasions. Given below are some dressing tips that would help you dress-up aptly for any occasion.

Party Wears For Girls

A Girl’s Night Out
Whether it is for a casual night out with your friends or for a date with your beau, you need a perfect outfit to create a chic look. But, above all, your outfit should make you comfortable. Skinny jeans, paired with a sequined tank top, would be the best thing to go about. It is trendy, fashionable and comfy enough to make you look good and feel confident. Sparkling accessories add interest to the look; add a trendy clutch and dark metal jewelry to create a rocking edge. Combine it with high heel footwear to add class to your night out.

Dinner Date Outfit
This is the time when you need to be at your gorgeous best. You cannot opt for anything less than perfect when out with a special person. Clinched waist would help you add trend to your taste. Keep yourself warm with a simple black high-heeled pump and black opaque tights to keep your legs warm. Adorn yourself with sparkling jewelry, like a pair of earrings and a bracelet. You may opt for a simple bracelet if earrings aren’t quite your thing. Get a classy handbag or a clutch for perfection.

Keg Party Outfit
This is when you need to dress strategically so that you can stay comfortable all the while. No expensive leather shoes or accessories for this one! You may get skinny jeans, a sequined top, and a faux leather jacket to become a hotspot in the party. Add in the ankle boots, a cute clutch and a trendy, layered necklace and you are ready to rock and roll.

Casual Night Out
Whether heading out to a bar with the girls or going for a casual dinner with your beau, you need a cute and casual outfit to make yourself comfortable. Black skinny jeans, paired with a luxe top and a bright cardigan, is enough to create a dash of color. Pair it with perfect accessories like earrings, bangles or bracelets.

Cocktail Or Dinner Party
If you’re out for a cocktail or dinner party with your friends, then cocktail attire would help you look that much more stunning. Choose a faux satin dress with a pair of trendy shoes and a perfect accessory, like the black bow clutch, and present yourself at your adorable best.

Party Wears For Gents

Traditional English Party Wear
Dress up in traditional English party attire to exude a gentleman look on any occasion, either formal or casual. Typical English dress—shirt, pant and blazer—is the best way to keep a balance between trendy and classy looks. Traditional attire carries a class in itself that never looks out-of-occasion. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear in any climate and is easy to carry along with you.

Cocktail Parties
Cocktail parties are the perfect occasion to mingle with friends, acquaintances as well as current and potential business associates. To create an impression with a sharp look, you need to dress up appropriately for the occasion. If you’re unsure of how formal the event is, then ask your host in advance to avoid any fashion faux pas.

    • Casual business attire would be the best choice for a more formal, after-work cocktail party. Add a blazer to your khaki pants and a button-down shirt or wear a sport coat with black jeans and a black mock turtleneck. Wear dark leather loafers or lace-up shoes along with them for the perfect look.
    • Pair a blazer or a sports coat with dark-colored jeans or corduroy pants for a casual cocktail party. Even at such a party, please steer clear away from sandals, sneakers, shorts, etc.; they are just way too casual for such an event.

The Preppy Look
Polo shirts with flipped collars are the best choice to create the preppy look. Button-down oxford shirts are also suggested. Tie a sweater around the shoulders to complete this look.

Wearing the perfect attire is the best way to stand-out in a party, whether casual or formal. The above tips will help you dress-up aptly for any occasion.