Eyebrow Shapes For Women

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eyebrow shapes for women
Perfectly shaped eyebrows give you a well-groomed look. They play an important part in accentuating the features of your face, especially the eyes. There are different ways in which eyebrows can be shaped, but not every shape would suit your face. You should choose a shape that suits the structure of your face and the kind of eyebrow hair you have. Do not try to imitate others. An eyebrow that might look great on a celebrity may be completely wrong for you. Have you ever faced a situation where you have tweezed your eyebrows only to end up with shapeless brows? If yes, then you know how painful it is to wait for the eyebrow to grow back and be full with hair again so that you could thread or tweeze it into a desired shape. Most of you who are reading this article must have gone through the above situation. Need not worry! With the right guidelines and tips for shaping eyebrows, you are sure to have the perfect eyebrow that would flatter your face!

Eyebrow Shapes
Eyebrow Shaping Rules
Before shaping your eyebrows, get to know these simple rules on eyebrows:

    • To determine the length of your eyebrow, take a scale or a pencil and hold it vertically on one side of your nose. Your eyebrow should begin here. Hold the scale or pencil diagonally from one nostril and line it to the corner of your eye, as to where it should end.
    • The thickness of the eyebrows varies from person to person. You can pluck out your eyebrow hair if you feel your eyebrows are too thick, or you can even use an eyebrow pencil to fill up a thin eyebrow to make it look fuller.

Shaping Your Eyebrows
You have to attain a shape for your eyebrow.

    • You may have a thin patch of hair that might connect the two eyebrows giving it a uni-brow look. The first thing you should do while shaping the eyebrow is to get rid of this hair by waxing, tweezing or threading.
    • Your eyebrows tend to have a general shape. Under the main brow, there are thin hair that needs to be removed. They may be sparse, but removing these hairs would give your eyebrow a more defined look.
    • Just as there are thin hair under your eyebrow, there are hair above too, mostly towards the end of your eyebrows that needs to be removed as well.
    • Now that you have a basic shape, you can pluck further to achieve your desired shape. The ends of your eyebrows should be tapered to a fine line. Take care not to leave the beginning of your eyebrow too thick.

Eyebrow Shaping Methods
You can use any of the below methods to shape your eyebrows:

Threading – This is a method used by most of the professionals. The hair is removed with the help of a thread. Threading takes out the hair follicle, preventing hair growth for at least two weeks. This is the least painful method involved in removing hair and is most preferred as it involves no chemicals. However, you need to be well versed in threading to do it yourself.
Tweezing – This is a popular method and can be done easily at home. You need to tweeze one hair at a time, determining the shape and thickness as you go by. This is a time consuming, painful process. Though tweezing removes hair, you need to tweeze it almost every week as eyebrow hair tend to grow back fast.

Eyebrow Shapes For Women
The basic eyebrow shapes are angled, arched, curved, and flat. The shape of the eyebrow you choose to have should depend on the shape of your face, the size of your forehead and the kind of hair growth you have.

    • Oval Face: Oval faces are most versatile. The ideal way to shape an eyebrow for an oval face is to keep it tidy and shape it along the natural curve. If you still wish to give it shape, you can go for a soft arch with a slightly angled shape.
    • Round Face: Angled brows work best for round faces as they give it the illusion of being long and thin, much like an oval face. By arching your brow to attain maximum height, your face will look longer.
    • Oblong Face: Flat thick eyebrows work well here as oblong faces need to look shorter than they really are. Shaped with a minimal angle or arch, flat eyebrows create the illusion of a shorter face.
    • Square Face: A square face needs a shape to take away attention from the strong angled features. An angled brow with a highly noticeable arch complements a square jaw. However, it you want to downplay the angles, it is best to go for a curved shaped brow that gives you a soft look.
    • Heart Shaped Face: Curved brow that arches softly looks good in heart shaped faces, giving it a feminine look. Together with the pointy chin, the curved brows actually bring out the heart shape of the face.

Some women have sparse eyebrows that look incomplete and can mar your beauty significantly. In that case, you can use eyebrow pencils to fill in and define eyebrows to make them look fuller. Once you have the desired eyebrow shape, you should properly groom them by combing them into the perfect shape and also by applying serums and creams. Whatever you do to your eyebrows, you should not forget the most important rule—natural looking eyebrows are the best eyebrows!