Fashion Accessories For Women

fashion accessories for women
Wardrobe essentials are essentially the foundation of your style and quality. Apart from the usual must haves like faded jeans, a white tee shirt, a formal shirt and your favorite LBD (yes, The quintessential Little Black Dress), there are a few mandatory accessories that you require in your wardrobe to accompany the various outfits you can wear all year round. Fashionistas consider black as a staple in their wardrobes, and it is necessary to even have black accessories in your wardrobe. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the black because it can look a bit ‘off’ in the spring and summer seasons. The right accessories, in your wardrobe, can make you look stylish and chic depending on what you team them with. Remember to don your best attitude, with a whole lot of confidence and simple accents that can work well with your attire instead of something tacky that can attract unwanted attention. Read on to know more.

Must Have Women Accessories


Bags are absolutely essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Apart from being stylish they are known to be extremely functional. There are different types of bags that can be worn on different occasions and can up your ‘oomph’ a couple of notches. It is necessary to have different types of bags that can suit various occasions.

    • For a casual look, opt for ‘Tote’ bags. These are extremely light and can be used for college or at work, and have a whole lot of space for storing all your important items. They come in various colours, shapes, prints and sizes and can make any boring outfit look bright and fun.
    • For a lighter option, try the Satchel. These are cross-shoulder bags that can add that extra zing to your outfit right away. This can also be used for casual and dressier purposes.
    • The clutch can add a whole new dimension to the whole outfit making you look classy and chic. These can be used for evening parties and formal events.
    • Apart from all these bags, it is imperative to invest on a durable, light-weight travel bag in neutral or dark colours that is vital during short trips and getaways.

Shoes can literally solidify your wardrobe and the wrong type of shoes with the wrong attire can devastate you and make you feel out of place. It is essential to have shoes for every occasion, be it college, that fun day out at the beach, work, the gym, weddings etc.

    • Neutral colored shoes are must-haves for every occasion in the wardrobe. The classic black pumps and white ballerinas can never go out of style. For a bit of variety, you can try getting pumps in neutral shades too. For a more daring outfit, try bizarre colors like bright red or yellow.
    • Sneakers are basic wardrobe essentials and can be teamed with anything casual apart from sportswear.
    • Flats are necessary on that casual day out with your girlfriends. If you are sick and tired of sore soles with the overuse of heels; simple gladiators, ballerinas, crocs, beach flip-flops and even floaters can be used.
    • Dressy heel sandals are necessary to spice up your outfits and make you look suave. Try wedges or stilettos to show off those great legs and look a whole lot beautiful.
    • Boots can never go out of style and can be extremely handy during the winter seasons. They can add an overall appeal to your whole outfit and can be worn for all occasions! Try getting boots in neutral shades and different sizes to keep the look simple.

Jewelery shouldn’t be too loud or attract too much attention. Keep it simple, sexy and classy. Wearing too much in one go that can spoil your whole look or even hog the spotlight from the clothes you are wearing.

    • Tribal jewelery and colorful beads are important essentials in the wardrobe along with a few funky hoop earrings, bracelets and long, colorful bead necklaces.
    • A pair of diamond or pearl studs is also fire and ice in a woman’s wardrobe making any attire look simple and classy. These can complement office attire perfectly and can be used on a daily basis.
    • Dressy, dangly earrings can spice up an outfit and make you all set and ready for that big party or event.
    • Bracelets, rings, watches and necklaces are also must have accessories in every wardrobe.

Scarves can make a dull outfit look more exciting. You don’t even have to wear jewelery if you have decided to wear a scarf. Plus, scarves are a whole lot safer. These come in different colors and can be used through all seasons. They can be especially handy during the winter season and keep your upper body warm and cozy. Apart from the neutral shades, try bright colors with prints that can add life to your outfits and add a whole new dimension to the clothes you are wearing. Wool scarves, pashmina scarves, cotton scarves and summer scarves are some of the types that are required in the wardrobe.

A belt can define the curves on a woman’s body along with keeping your pants and jeans up at the waist. Belts can instantly make the outfit look interesting and can also be worn on top of a loose dress to enhance the whole look. There are wide belts for to make you look glamorous and define the silhouettes on your clothes. Skinny belts are instantaneous jeans enhancers and can brighten up a boring outfit.

Hosieries can add layers to clothing and also add the element of surprise to your attire. There are a few must haves in hosieries that make your outfits look interesting for every season and every occasion. Dark or neutral pantyhose can add all the excitement to a boring outfit and can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Comfortable spandex leggings, dressy socks, tights or cloth based leggings can also add to all the chic definitions of your attire. These also go well while teamed with other outfits such as pencil skirts, shorts and denim skirts.

These are all the necessary elements required in every woman’s wardrobe to make your outfits look balanced and chic. Every woman wants to look and be called beautiful and these accessories will take your outfits to a whole new level, making you feel just that.