Fashion For Men Over 50

Men's Fashion

Fashion for Men Over 50

Men’s fashion boasts of the most flexible dressing types in today’s world. Unlike women’s fashion that goes under the constant scrutiny of ‘change’, men’s fashion is all about ageless styles and classics. One can hardly ever go wrong with men’s styles and fashion changes. There isn’t much to change in this category. What men have to understand is that they cannot walk into a store, in their fifties, wearing skinny jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, expecting to look modern. Yet again, there are a few men who can pull it off. Men’s dressing is all about comfort and a timeless style. Something that can never be erased, something that has been a tradition from the past, mixed with the perfect proportions of modernity, is what men in their 50s need. You can still have traditional essences in your dressing style, and look like Denzel Washington at the same time. All you need is to read a few tips before you can attempt to look like the next Al Pacino.


    • It is important to always dress your age. Low rise jeans may look good on your son, but if you walk into a public gathering wearing that, you could be made the laughing stock of the town. Leave the trendy, hipster kind of jeans for your son to deal with. You stick to what you have been wearing for the past ten years, and wear it effortlessly. There is nothing more stylish than a man wearing his clothes with confidence. Do not go overboard with the dressing.
    • Wear the right colors. Do not wear extremely gaudy colors that can make you look like a daisy. You are a strong, independent, classy man, and it is important to dress in a classy manner, unless the occasion calls for something else. Buy and use colors that look flattering against your skin tone; stick to the colours that you have ‘tried-and-tested’ over the years. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and a few other neutral colors in your wardrobe.
    • Get the right fit in clothes. Your clothes should not be too loose to make you look like a hipster, or too tight that can show the slight bulges in your stomach. They should fit you proper and, above all, should look and feel comfortable. These clothes should just about hide your flaws, if you have any.
    • Do not forget to stock up your wardrobe with a few formal wears. These can come in extremely handy at a formal dinner event, or at that black tie party. These should comprise of well fitted trousers, a smart tuxedo, a nice shirt and a tie to go with. There is nothing sexier than a man in fifty wearing formals.
    • One of the most important things that men tend to forget, even after fifty, is that they have to be well groomed. It is imperative to have a nice, clean, uncomplicated haircut and to be clean shaven. Try bathing twice a day to eliminate any sort of body odor. As you age, you tend to develop the tendency to emit a lot of body odor without even realizing it. Showering twice a day should do the trick.
    • Go subtle on the accessories. Whatever the occasion may be, do not use more than 2-3 accessories at a time. If you are at that all important golfing event, or at a party, do not forget to accessorize appropriately. Men have a wide array of choices such as cufflinks, bow tie pins, watches, sunglasses and even bandanas for that fun, picnic event to choose from. Choose wisely.
    • Above all, maintain a wardrobe with all the staples. Your wardrobe should essentially have a pair of jeans, a few shirts, formals, casual wear, some shoes for casual and formal purposes and khakis for those casual occasions. With all these things in your wardrobe, you do not have to make hurried trips to the local store every time an outing is round the corner. You will have everything in the world of your wardrobe and dressing up at fifty will be fun.

Dressing up at fifty, essentially means, dressing comfortably. Make your own fashion and stop trying to follow trends. You will have to consider you over what others are wearing or trying to be. Be yourself, look classy, and there is nothing in the world that can stop you from looking like George Clooney or whoever it is that you aspire to look like!