Fashion For Women Over 50

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Fashion for Women Over 50

For all you know, you could be the next Holly Hunter or even Sex in the City’s famous Samantha Jones. All you need is a few lessons on fashion, some confidence and you are all ready to set hearts on fire. The trick here is not to dress up like a siren, but to incorporate modern style with a dash of your personality and turn it into ageless fashion. There is nothing superior to your comfort at this age, and it is necessary to give more importance to comfort over fashion. If you are still not convinced and want to look your trendiest-best, here are a few tips and attire you could adopt to look feisty at fifty. You may feel like slipping into those tight-fitting clothes you see those ramp goddesses wearing but you need to understand what your body really wants. There are new trends and fashion styles that you can adopt to look like a chic goddess yourself. Scroll down to read more.


    • Fashion does not necessarily mean only the clothes you wear. It can be everything ranging from your hair, to your skincare routine and to your makeup tips. What is it that makes women at fifty look sleek and slender? Botox is not the only solution. In fact, Botox should be considered as a last resort. So don’t jump into it until you have fully tried other options at your age.
    • Your hair should be classy and not too over the top. Bangs and strawberry-cuts look great even at fifty, but do not go overboard with styling products that could tear rather than tame your tresses. Stick to as many natural products as possible.
    • You need to portray a bit of casual elegance through your makeup. Excessive makeup could make you look haggard and desperate. Opt for some loose powder, rosy blush and some nude gloss. This should be enough to get you through all seasons in the year.
    • Clothes cannot be overlooked. Women are not expected to dress tastelessly at fifty. The trick is to combine elegance with a modern approach. You might want to revamp your wardrobe and slip out of those shoddy jeans from the sixties. You might even need to let go of that loose bun and explore what this modern age can offer you. Do not get swayed with the too bright and dazzling colors or prints and play safe with frills and tight clothing. Stick to a blend of classic and modern styles to become the contemporary 50 year old woman.
    • If you have clothes in your wardrobe that you have preserved for over thirty years, get rid of them straight away. You don’t want to end up looking like an archaic, old fashioned character.
    • Let’s face it. Women in their fifties start having visible, body transformations and their skins begin to sag. Even if you want to look ten years younger, it isn’t excuse enough to raid your daughter’s wardrobe.
    • Get yourself pampered in a nearby salon on monthly basis. There is nothing better than a facial or good spa treatment that not only help you relax, but make you feel younger. A good haircut, a great spa treatment and some classy clothes can easily make you look fabulous in your 50’s.

Fashion Options
Classic White Shirt
These can never go out of style. They are chic and can make any woman look good. These look great with even your old jeans and are a safe bet for women of all ages. If you team this white shirt with jeans, or even a long, nude pencil skirt, you are sure to make heads turn. Blow dry and wear your hair down, with a classy looking pearl chain around your neck and you are all set to dazzle the crowd.

Long Pencil Skirts
These complement the structure and the silhouette of women in their fifties very well. They are not only modern, but also look classy and sophisticated which make women look like they are ‘dressing their age’. Remember, 50 should be all about comfort and elegance and less about fashion and trends.

A Nice Pair Of Jeans
One thing you can never go wrong with is a nice pair of crisp jeans. Even at fifty, women are now increasingly finding jeans in the market that can flatter every body type whether they are slim, saggy or even overweight.

Formal Suits
The classy, corporate woman can never go out of style. Formal suits make every woman, at every age, look gorgeous. You can team this with a nice white shirt, a leather jacket, trench coats, low-heels and/or flats. These can make you look and feel important and are timeless fashion statements.

The Perfect Black-Tie Dress
Yes. Dresses can make you look gorgeous, and even make men drool at a formal event, if you wear them properly and modestly. If you are fifty and above, make sure you do not match your accessories to your shoes. This could make you look like you are trying hard to fit in with the younger classes of people. Looking classy is one thing, and trying to fit in is another. A black dress (not necessarily little) has to be a part of your wardrobe. They are the most versatile types of dresses and look perfect on any woman, at any age. All you have understand is you should pick a dress that complements your structure and does not make you look drab. Some minimal make up and a brooch, a beautiful diamond or pearl set will get you all set to flaunt what you got, on the red carpet, making you feel like a movie star.

The woman in her fifties is at a delicate stage in her life. She would hate to look like Jane Eyre or a traditional character from a classic tale. It is not that hard to feel a lot younger than you actually are. You just need to be comfortable in your skin and in what you are wearing. The saying ‘there aren’t any nice clothes for older women’ must be shunned away, and only you can do that with a little makeover and some confidence.