How To Buy A Wedding Dress

how to buy a wedding dress
Now that the big day has been decided, it is time to do the next biggest thing on the wedding menu — hunt for the perfect wedding dress. With the diverse cultures and communities spread across the globe, there is a huge variety of colourful wedding attire options for brides and grooms to choose from. And this wide variety can confuse anyone. The fact that everybody wants a stunner of a wedding dress, which is not only perfect for their body but also fits well within their budget, makes the task of wedding dress shopping all the more Herculean. While in Western cultures, brides wear traditional whites, eastern cultures are more colourful in their range of bridal attire. All these attires come in numerous styles and you are sure to find the perfect dress that suits you in all aspects. Given the variety of choice that is available, it is highly recommended that you do some ground work before setting off for your trousseau shopping. Read the following section to know exactly what preparations you need to make before you go shopping for wedding dresses.

Shopping For Wedding Dresses

Plan Beforehand

Before venturing on a shopping spree for your wedding dress, do some planning well in advance. Take a good look at websites and magazines to check out the latest trends in wedding collection. This could help you narrow down your choices to the styles and colours you would like to try on. By planning ahead, you would also get to know the price range of wedding attires and can shortlist designs or brands that fit your budget.

Allocate Budget
Before buying your wedding dress, decide on how much you are willing to spend on it. Buying a ridiculously expensive dress, when you do not have the budget for it, is never wise. Weddings are occasions where you need to spend lots of money on many items other than your dress so, it is necessary to allocate your budget accordingly. Let the shop attendant know what your budget is so that he/she could show you the best pieces within your range. A smart way to avoid overshooting the budget would be to declare a lower budget to the attendant and see the options available.

Shop Leisurely
Give yourself ample time to shop for your wedding attire. Your wedding dress, be it a Western gown or an Indian sari or a Chinese cheongsam, requires a series of trials and fittings. Not to mention the ordeal that comes with selecting the right innerwear and accessories to go with the attire. So, shopping much ahead of your wedding is highly recommended. Ideally, you should begin your shopping at least four to six months before your wedding.

Be Comfortable
No matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, the most important thing is whether you are comfortable wearing it. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and if you are not comfortable, then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much as you want. An ill-fitting wedding dress, a wrong style or the excess weight of your dress could take the charm away from your wedding.

Decide On The Style
All wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles. Every wedding dress offers a good variety in terms of cuts, colours and designs. So, before you begin shopping, decide what look you would like to adorn in your wedding and whether it would match your spouse’s attire. Weddings come with lots of associated functions that claim most of your time hence, shopping for your wedding attire could be easy if you decide beforehand on the kind of dress that you would like to wear at each function. Get acquainted with the latest styles by browsing relevant websites and magazines or seek advice of a recently married friend. This will help you zero in on your desired outfit very quickly.

Listen To Your Body
When choosing your wedding dress, make sure that it suits your body shape. You can do this by taking a good look at your wardrobe and finding dresses that look good and comfortable. Now choose your wedding dress based on these ideas. Short girls could opt for dresses that give them a tall appearance, while healthy girls could go in for a slimmer fit.

Consider The Season
Before buying your wedding attire, consider the season in which you are getting married. Wearing heavy dresses in summers is sure to make you look peeved. As for the winters, you should make sure that your wedding dress covers you well and keeps you warm enough so that you do not catch a chill.

Select Your Dress
After considering the styles, budget, season etc, it is time to actually buy the dress. While buying your wedding dress, you could consider some other factors as well. If you are planning to have a theme wedding, the colour and style of the dress should match the theme. But, above all, select the dress that touches your heart. If a dress appeals to you in the first look and makes you feel good then that is “the dress” and you must go for it.

Accessorize Yourself
Your wedding dress shopping does not end with buying a few dresses for every occasion. Accessories like shoes, jewellery and even, flowers play a major role in weddings. Once you have chosen your wedding dress, you then need to buy matching jewellery such as necklaces, bangles and earrings. The shoes should match your dress and must be comfortable enough to meet the requirements of the occasion.

When buying a wedding dress, do not hesitate from trying it on as many times as you wish. You could even try various styles of dresses and take a picture of yourself wearing each dress. At leisure, look at these pictures and decide which style looks good on you and decide accordingly. Make sure they fit current fashion trends by checking out fashion magazines. You could also avail the help of an experienced wedding stylist for the purpose. Dress yourself like a princess in your perfect wedding dress and glow on your wedding day!