How To Buy Perfumes

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how to buy perfumes

Ever since the ancient times, perfumes have been an inherent part of routine beauty rituals. Choosing and wearing a scent that suits your personality and style makes you feel attractive and confident. More often than not, you get recognized by the perfume you wear. The same perfume may not emit a similar fragrance when used on two different people, because when perfume reacts with your body odor, it results in a totally different scent. Fragrances are subtle, harsh, fun and flirtatious and so on. The key is to finding a perfume that suits you most; a scent that can be clearly associated with you, your age, your attitude and your outlook towards life. From musky to citrus and pipe tobacco, there is a wide range of scents you can choose from. This article seeks to give you an insight regarding the different scents/perfumes available and the tips to buy the perfect one.

Types Of Perfumes
Perfuming the hair and body with extracts of flowers and other natural substances is a common practice. Perfumes are classified based on their alcohol content. Those with higher amount of alcohol and lesser perfume cost less and fade away easily. Higher percentage of perfume content would make a perfume expensive and would ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. When you decide to buy a perfume to suit your budget, you might be confused with the choices available.

This scent, derived from the buds of flowers, is most popular. This can contain either the fragrance of a single flower or a blend of different floral scents to create a distinctive bouquet-like fragrance.

This fragrance is considered to be most exotic. Often emitting musky and heady scents, oriental scents contain spicy trails of vanilla, nutmeg, cloves etc that are blended with woody and floral notes. These scents were used by ancient Egyptians and have also been used in the Middle East since times immemorial.

Extracted from citrus fruits, these perfumes have a sharp, tangy scent. Often refreshing citrus scents are favored by those who like subtle, but tart fragrances.

If you adore the rich scents of mild to peppery herbs, then the green herbal scent would be best for you. Fragrances of cut grass, crushed leaves with pine and herbs would give you a unique blend of nature.

These are fragrances that evoke the scents and pungent saltiness of the ocean. ‘Oceanic’ scents are clean and come with a blend of spice, seaweed and citrus influenced by the sea. Delicate versions of oceanic scents for women are far less heady, and are perfect for those who prefer subtle scents.

These scents generally remind people of the lush green forests and the nutty earthiness that usually smells of pine, cedar, lavender, patchouli, eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood etc. When combined together, different fragrances merge to create a woody smell that is different from any individual smell.

Tips To Buy The Right Perfume

    • Before you set out to buy a perfume, decide on how much you are willing to spend. Your budget can help you decide whether you should go for a cheaper variety or for an expensive one.
    • Make a list of the fragrances that you prefer. From flowery and fruity scents to freshly cut grass or woody, anything that makes you feel good would be a great option. Keep this in mind when you choose your perfume.
    • Choose the fragrance that best represents the person that you are. Are you an outdoor person willing to spend very little time dressing up? A fresh, clean and subtle scent will work for you. On the other hand, if you love to dress up, then a lingering scent is what you should have, to make others notice you.
    • Always test perfumes before you buy.
    • Never try more than three scents at a time. After three scents your nose may not be able to differentiate between the fragrances efficiently.
    • It is always preferable to shop for perfumes in the afternoon as your olfactory senses are at their peak at this time.
    • Do not buy a perfume just because it smelled good on your friend. The same perfume can have an entirely different effect on your body.
    • When you shop for perfumes, do not buy them immediately. You can take a day or two to test a couple of fragrances and then go back and buy the ones that suit you the best.
    • Buy in small quantities. This will be easy on your budget and if you get tired of a particular scent, you can always buy a new one without discarding the old one. Not to mention, smaller quantities would also help you experiment with more variety of fragrances.

Once you have chosen a perfume, use it and ask for opinions from your friends. This way you can have a clear idea of how well the perfume suits your body. Also, do not stick on to the same scent every time. Choosing a different fragrance will not only make you feel different every time you go out, but will also help you understand or appreciate the different scents available. Go and grab that perfect perfume today!