How To Buy Shoes

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how to buy shoes

Buying shoes is a fun task. Well, at least for some! Shoe shopping is sometimes an action of impulse that strikes us when we are out buying other things. But sometimes, when it becomes a necessity, you have to keep aside some time to buy shoes. If you think about the amount of time you spend wearing those shoes, you would not regret the small percentage of time you spend buying them. The saying goes that if you want to know if a man is well-dressed, look down. This saying holds true for both men and women. Good shoes make an outfit and bad ones obviously mar the entire look. Pay some attention to details when you are out to buy shoes. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while shoe shopping to ensure that you pick up the right shoes for yourself. You need to know these even if you do not suffer from the prototypical shoe fetish.

Tips To Buy Shoes

Find Your Size
You shoe size may be a 6 for one brand of shoes and a 7 for another. There is no standard measurement size when it comes to shoe sizes. So do not buy any shoes without trying them on first. You might feel certain about your size and buy the shoe in the same size without even trying. But sometimes, you might have to come back to exchange them. Try to avoid that inconvenience! Women should make sure that they measure themselves when they are out buying shoes as factors such as age, pregnancy and weight gain do make changes in shoe size.

Comfort Is The Key
Yes, and it is even true for high heeled stilettoes. Just because you look good in 5-inch heels doesn’t mean that you cannot opt for the more comfortable ones. Men also should try on the shoes to get a feel of how comfortable they are. You do not want to look itchy and uncomfortable during an important business meet or even a classy date.

Time Your Shopping
It is a known fact that feet swell during the day because walking increases blood flow in your feet making them expand a bit. Hence, the ideal time for shoe shopping is late in the afternoon or evening, as your feet are the biggest at that time. Also, measure both feet separately as the sizes may differ.

Check The Fit
Once you have tried on the pair of shoes, stand for some time so that you know how the shoe fits when your feet expand under the weight of your body. Make sure that your toes lie flat in the shoe and are not crooked. Also, if you have wide feet, ask the salesperson for a shoe with enough width. This will ensure that the ball of your foot, i.e. the joint of your toes and your foot, rests comfortably at the shoe’s widest point. Your heels should not be a tight fit; they should have room for movement or else you might end up with blisters.

Stand And Walk
Stand and walk around for a few minutes before you purchase your shoes. If the salesperson allows, take a walk outside the store, on the hard floor to check the comfort and fit. This will help you determine the padding required for you. You can add a thin gel insert if the padding in the shoes doesn’t seem to be enough. Walking also helps to check if you need more length or width in your shoes.

You do not need to spend a fortune for buying good shoes. Look for good quality fabric, whether it is leather or suede, in your budget. But do not compromise on the quality because of the price. Buy genuine quality and soft, high-quality leather or suede. Do not worry about the tight fit; leather and suede stretch with use and so do most other materials. But make sure they do not hurt your feet when you try them on.

Style And Color
Even though men do not have many choices when it comes to formal shoes, they can always experiment with their casual shoe collection. On the other hand, women have innumerable choices for formal as well as casual wear. From stilettos to flats and flip-flops to gladiators, the choices are unlimited for the fairer sex.

Your comfort and fit are the essentials of any shoe shopping activity. For many, price is not a huge factor but, if you are concerned about the effect of the shoe on your pocket, then you can get stylish shoes in moderately priced brands or in clearance sales. Also, look after your shoes regularly to ensure a longer shelf life. Select the shoes according to the occasion or event you plan to wear them for. High heels are good for parties and special occasions and it is not advised to use them on a daily basis. Flats or shoes with half inch heels are your best buys for daily or regular wear.