How To Choose Sunglasses

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how to choose sunglasses

While sunglasses are commonly used as fashion accessories, they also protect your eyes from harmful sunrays and glare that can cause eye strain; they are made with tinted lenses to cut down brightness. The choice of sunglasses can affect your vision by reducing the harshness of light as well as by altering how you see colors and contrast. It is important to understand the quality driven process behind sunglasses to know why they cost what they cost, and what parameters you should consider while picking one for yourself. Generally, expensive sunglasses have several layers of coating, which includes hydrophobic veneers to resist water stains, anti-scratch coating to improve durability and anti-fog layers for humid conditions. Therefore, the sunglasses you choose must depend on your requirement. If it only means putting them on for a little while, the lower-end styles can be used. But if you would like to use your sunglasses for a practical purpose, like when driving or while you are sunbathing, then a higher-end, higher-cost style is advisable. Now that you know the basics, the following tips on how to choose sunglasses will help you find the perfect pair or two.

Choosing a proper frame is as important as choosing the lens, as this adds to the safety, durability and comfort, in addition to your appearance, when you wear the sunglasses. Metal frames are more expensive but are generally not as long-lasting as other types. Their advantage is that they are easily adjusted to and are less obtrusive to your vision. You have probably heard of nylon sunglasses. They have an advantage of being light, less expensive and are more durable than metal. They have a high impact resistance, but the problem with them is that they are normally not adjustable. There are also sunglasses made of ‘acetate’ and ‘Zyl’. Such variations of plastic are popularly used on upmarket sunglasses. Though these types are available in different colors, they are not very flexible and are hence, unsuited to use for sports activities. However, if you are watching some sports then these should be great to use.

There are different types of hinges and the uses vary with the material of the frame. If you are choosing a nylon frame, choose a hinge, with a molded pin, that is a part of the frame. This hinge is extremely durable. Spring-hinge designs are great when they come in frames that are made of acetate, metal and Zyl. These give you extra flexibility and also fit larger heads, but these come at the cost of durability. The expensive good quality sunglasses generally use nickel-silver hinged frames for more rugged use and are much more reliable. These are great to serve all practical real-world purposes.

Grippy Nosepiece
If you are the type of person who sweats a lot, then you should look for sunglasses that have rubber nosepieces or earpieces. These have a better grip and help keep your sunglasses from sliding down your nose. Make sure you don’t buy sunglasses that are too tight at the nose or at the back of your ears. They could leave ugly press-marks.

Trendy Sunglasses
We can harp on and on about the quality, durability, make and what-not, but we can never forget that sunglasses are synonymous with fashion. Hence, it is important to house some cool pieces in your cupboard. Ray-bans have always been popular, and come in bright colors, classy blacks, bright vintage shades and elegant combination tones. The 70’s retro style sunglasses are also a hot favorite and all you have to do is check around and choose a size that’s not overly big for your face. Tortoise shell sunglasses are extremely fashionable and universally appealing with whatever you wear and are great buys if you are on a shoe-string budget. Gradient lens sunglasses are yet another fabulous pair to own as they are classy, with no frames, and are available in a variety of flattering colors. Round ‘John Lennon’ hippie sunglasses in unusual styles mean some more attention and extra fanfare. You cannot miss the rimless aviator sunglasses that are a top trend and can be combined with your best sports outfits. These make you look stylish, modern and are really sleek.

Choosing The Right Fit
When picking sunglasses, ensure that they fit snugly on your nose and ears. The weight of the sunglasses should be evenly balanced between your nose and the earlobes. This will ensure that you don’t feel the weight too much. Your eyelashes should not touch the sunglasses. If you are choosing sunglasses which have either a wire core or a metal frame, you can bend it carefully at the bridge to suit the shape of your face. You can also adjust the nose pieces by either bringing them closer together or widening them to suit your face. Different lens shapes suit and complement different face types and that must be taken into consideration when you go out looking for that perfect pair of sunglasses.

Ophthalmologists generally recommend wearing sunglasses when you are out in the open, not only in the summer sunlight but even in the winter, to shade against the Sun’s brilliant rays. Sunglasses are also recommended for people suffering from eye diseases and even, after cataract operations. Sunglasses are available with interchangeable lenses and new technology now combines the polarizing filter with the lens material, allowing for an exceptionally high optical quality. As sunglasses are now available in a whole range of superb selections, you can get yourself a nice pair that is both useful and fashionable.