How To Grow Eyebrows

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how to grow eyebrows

Eyebrows have always been associated with beauty. Ancient Egyptians were the first to groom eyebrows by enhancing them with kohl. From then on, eyebrows have become an essential part of an attractive face. Be it fashion or otherwise, everyone especially women love perfectly groomed thick, full and healthy eyebrows. Very often, we face the problem of eyebrows thinning out. Many reasons could be attributed to this. Over plucking your eyebrows to get the desired shape could be a prominent reason. Illness and medications also affect the growth of your eyebrows. For anything to grow and be healthy, nutrition is an essential factor. Poor nutrition can lead to patchy eyebrows. Heredity can also play its role in eyebrow growth. With proper care and treatment, you can grow your eyebrows well. However, not all treatments may work on all eyebrows. Your eyebrows require as much care and love, as you would bestow on growing your hair. Here are a few things you could do to grow your eyebrows.

Tips On Growing Eyebrows
The first and foremost thing required to have healthy eyebrows is good nutrition. Having good, healthy and nutritious food not only helps boost your eyebrows, but also improves your overall health. Lack of iron content in the body can cause hair fall. Include protein and iron rich food in your diet such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk and dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, etc. Vitamin B6 is said to enhance the growth of your hair and nails. If necessary, having a 100mg dose of Vitamin B6 everyday can help in promoting hair growth.

Natural Home Remedies

Healthy food naturally leads to healthy body. Once you have a healthy body, trying out a few natural remedies can go a long way in growing your eyebrows. Massaging your eyebrows twice a day is said to bring positive results. You can do it with the following:

    • Massaging olive oil on the eyebrow is a home remedy that your grandmother would swear by. And of course, she is not wrong. Using a cotton ball, apply olive oil on the spot where you want hair to grow. Now gently massage it with your fingertips or using an eyebrow brush. It is ideal to apply olive oil every night. After a gentle massage, rinse it off with lukewarm water. In a few weeks time, you are sure to find more hair growth on your eyebrow.
    • Another time-tested home remedy that has been handed down over generations is the application of castor oil on the eyebrows. Castor oil is known to thicken eyelashes, apart from improving eyebrows. By applying it, you can be sure to have eyebrows that are thick and strong, as castor oil is known to enhance the roots. Just as you do with the olive oil, apply castor oil on the part where you want eyebrows to grow. Gently massage and leave it overnight for desired results.
    • Vaseline is also a good eyebrow growth enhancer. Take a cotton ball with Vaseline on it and gently rub on the direction of the hair growth. Vaseline is a surefire way to get thicker eyebrows. With thicker eyebrows, you have the freedom to tweeze it into any shape you want.
    • You can also use aloe vera gel or even coconut oil on your eyebrow to stimulate faster growth. Aloe vera is natural and can be applied directly from the plant. Coconut oil also enhances hair growth and is easy to apply too, as it is not as thick and viscous as castor oil or Vaseline.

While your eyebrows may return, they may not grow back uniformly. You may notice patches of eyebrow area without any hair growth, while the hair surrounding it may grow. To camouflage these patches, it is advisable to use a non-comedogenic eyebrow powder. These eyebrow powders do not block the pores and thus, do not irritate hair follicles. The powders also contain emollients that soften and condition the hair.

Eyebrow Restoration
Even with the natural remedies, if you do not find much change, you can opt for eyebrow restoration instead. Here you can restore your fallen eyebrow or customize it to the shape and thickness you desire. This method of eyebrow restoration is called follicular unit transplantation. With the help of this method, you can transplant between 50 to 300 hairs on your eyebrow depending on the hair you already have or the desired size of eyebrow you require. A 2-hour procedure, it is almost painless, but is done under a mild sedative. The transplanted hair grows on like natural hair, shedding in about three months time and new hair growing in its place.

Eyebrows are an important part of your face. A healthy, thick and long eyebrow makes your face very attractive. When you want your eyebrow to grow, remember to leave them as it is. Do not try to pluck or tweeze them to make them look uniform. Eyebrows do grow back, but they require time and patience. Fabulous eyebrows would make your eyes look more expressive. Therefore, it would pay to pay more attention to them.