How To Put On Cufflinks


Cufflinks are dazzling accessories that are meant to be worn with suits and French shirts for formal occasions. Events where they are considered appropriate are dinner parties, prom events, weddings and other such high-end social get-togethers. These make men look swank and are used as enhancement accessories to go with suits and formal shirts. Cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and designs. If you are a light hearted, informal person, you can opt for custom made cufflinks with enamel or animal faces on them but, if you are looking for something that is a little more expensive, you can try ‘Swarovski’ or Zirconia studded cufflinks. These are versatile, luxury accessories that are admired by men and women alike. So, if you want to stun your friends at a posh party, don’t forget to don a nice pair of cufflinks. In case you don’t know how to use them, this article will guide you a step by step guide on how to put on cufflinks.

Steps For Wearing Cufflinks

    • You will first need to identify a shirt or a suit with cuffs that have buttonholes and then finally get yourself a pair of cufflinks!
    • Find yourself the perfect cufflinks for that important event. Cufflinks add sophistication and elegance to a man’s attire, which is why you have to be extremely picky when it comes to choosing the right set of cufflinks.
    • If it is a formal, sports event that you will be attending, try looking for sports cufflinks and so on. You have to understand that one can never go overboard with cufflinks. They are small accessories that are meant to complete the look, giving a sort of finesse to the whole attire. Therefore, the more important the event, the more extravagant the cufflinks should be.
    • If you have never used cufflinks in your life, it would be best to start with swivel post cufflinks for practice.
    • Once you have your cufflinks sorted out, it is time to pick out the shirt you will be wearing for the event. It’s best to practice using cufflinks on the shirt you will be wearing. You will get used to putting on cufflinks and will get better at it with each try.
    • Put on your dress shirt first. Do not attempt to put the cufflinks on the cuffs before you put on the shirt. This could hinder your arm from making it out of the cuffs as you wear the shirt. Put on the shirt and then attempt the next step.
    • After you have put on your shirt, locate the cufflink holes on the cuffs. If your dress shirt does not have another hole for the cufflink, try using the buttonhole as a substitute for the cufflink hole. Remember, you cannot button your sleeves and use cufflinks at the same time. You can only attempt one at a time.
    • Take your swivel post cufflinks and slide them through the cufflink holes with the top of the cufflinks coming out first. The ornamental part of the cufflink will be faced the other way, against the direction of your body. Try wearing the decorative part of the cufflinks on the outside if you can do that. People will be more interested to see the face of the cufflinks rather than it being on the inside.
    • When the cufflinks are placed in the holes, open the swivel bar so that the cufflink doesn’t slip out of the shirt. This will ensure that the cufflinks are held firmly in place.
    • Wear the cufflinks when the sleeves of the shirt are long or fold your sleeves to the desired length and then attempt to wear the cufflinks. Remember, if the event is an important one, and you have never worn cufflinks in your life before, it is mandatory to gain some time for practice, otherwise you could wear them wrong and even choose the wrong type of cufflinks for your dress shirt or suit.

If you are feeling a bit experimental or want to impress that beautiful girl on a dinner date, try funky cufflinks that have crystals embedded on them, or animal motifs or even wedding cufflinks! These accessories can make you look and feel like royalty if worn properly and with the right shirt and suit. You might even be in the spotlight with a great pair of these elegant accessories. You never know what a pair of cufflinks can do! So grab a pair of cufflinks today, and get practicing!