How To Remove Chest Hair

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how to remove chest hair

There’s nothing wrong with sporting a little chest hair for men, but for women it can be a pressing, inconvenient and even an unspeakable problem. This condition in women can occur due to hormonal imbalance, such as a medical condition called ‘hirsutism’, or can even be a genetic condition. Whatever be the cause, chest hair could be a hindrance to many people. If you have chest hair and are looking for ways to get rid of it temporarily or permanently, this article can help you with the approaches to removing chest hair. Chest hair can not only look ugly, but can act as a carrier for germs and other sorts of particles that can lead to unhygienic conditions if not taken care of. Women usually have a more substantial problem with chest hair because with men, it is seen as natural and even desirable at times. However, men also need to remove chest hair for various reasons. The amount and direction of growth and the coarseness of hair varies from person to person and might call for some advice on how to go about removing it. Scroll down to know more.

Chest Hair Removal

For Men
Men have to remember that the first thing women notice when the men take their shirts off is chest hair. If the growth has an uncanny resemblance to the amazon forest, women might find it repulsive and this would be your first signal. It is not necessary for men to remove all their hair and look like a bare-bodied mannequin in a store. A little hair can make you look suave and sexy. However, if you are perturbed with a large amount of hair, you can always take a pair of scissors and trim the excess off. This will lead to lesser chest hair and is definitely more hygienic. Trimming is the safest and the most painless option.

Shave It Off
You also have the option of shaving all your chest hair off. Shaving your chest hair must be done very carefully in order to avoid any unwanted cuts on the chest. It is important to first dampen your chest hair properly to open the pores for easy shaving. Once this is done, take a bit of shaving foam, apply it all over your chest hair and start shaving against the growth of your hair. If the strands of your chest hair are a little long to shave, trim them first. This will lead to a smoother, easier shaving process. After all the hair has been removed from the chest, there will be no or reduced hair growth for a whole week after which you can shave or trim you hair accordingly.

For Women
For those who have excessive hair on their chest and are looking for quick, inexpensive methods of removing hair, shaving is the best solution. You can use the same shaving techniques you use for removing the hair of your legs, arms and underarms. You will have to lather your body and it would be best if you attempt this in the shower. This will ensure that the pores are sufficiently opened and also make the process a lot easier avoiding scrapes and cuts.

If you are attempting to remove the hair around your breasts or nipples, opt for a softer, sensitive skin formula gel before you shave, as these areas are far more sensitive than other parts of the chest or body. Shaving is only a temporary option and you will have to repeat the process to keep the hair off your chest.

Depilatory Or Wax Kit
You can choose to go to the beauty parlor or opt for home kits to wax the hair off your chest. These can be extremely painful as the chest area happens to be ultra-sensitive. Women’s breasts make the chest area prone to more redness and sensitivity post waxing. If you are opting for a home kit, make sure you buy a gentle or mild wax kit that will not be harsh on your skin. Make sure you do a patch-test before you get to the chest to see the consequences on your skin. Once this is done, you can attempt waxing the chest hair. If redness or sensitivity persists, discontinue the use of the product.

Common For Him & Her
Known to be one of the wackiest and most painful methods of removing hair, waxing is the next best option for those who want to say ‘bye’ to chest hair for a long time. Waxing ensures the hair is removed from its root, leading to prolonged delay in the re-growth of chest hair. This will leave you hair-free for the next three to six weeks and is not very expensive. The only ‘cons’ with this sort of hair removal is that it can get really painful if there is coarse hair growth.

This is a good method of removing hair for those who are looking for a permanent solution. It is hundred percent safe and has been tried and tested with those who were seriously looking to remove their chest hair once and for all. This is an FDA approved method of permanently removing chest hair and can be quiet expensive. These require multiple sittings and can also be a little painful for the sensitive skinned.

Laser Hair-Removal
Laser hair removal is another permanent form of hair removal technique and must be done by certified dermatologists. This is an expensive technique and requires several sittings depending on the thickness and type of hair growth. Although this can lift a heavy weight off your chest, this method can be extremely pricey and painful at times. The roots of the hair are killed, which arrests the further development of these follicles leading to no hair on the chest. This is a fairly new option and, depending upon where you get it done from, is considered cent percent safe too.

Excessive hair growth on the chest and other parts of the body has been a pressing problem for both men and women alike. It is good to equip yourself with the right amount of knowledge about the different types of hair removal options in case you ever need it yourself. They are not only used to make your chest hair free, but can also help you regain your lost self-confidence in yourself, making you look more presentable and charming!