How To Shrink Jeans


how to shrink jeans

Jeans do not give the right look unless they fit you well. Sadly, jeans do not come in any standard size and are not tailor-made to fit every body shape. It takes effort, time and several trials to find that one pair of jeans that suits a body shape perfectly, as hip and waist sizes vary from one person to another. Think about a situation where you have suddenly lost weight and are left with a pair of jeans that is a size or two loose. Worse, a recently bought pair of expensive jeans turns out to be of the wrong size. Adjusting the fit of your jeans can give you an entirely new look. From looking baggy, you go to instant fitness! Well-fitted clothes can make one appear smart and well sprung. When your jeans do not fit you properly, the best thing you can do is to shrink them. Shrinking jeans will not just give you a good fit, but also save you from the heartache of parting from your best pair of jeans. You could shrink jeans in several ways. Take a look.

Ways To Shrink Jeans

Shrinking Jeans With A Washer And A Dryer

This is the easiest way to shrink jeans. For this, you will need:

    • Washing Machine
    • Dryer
    • Detergent
    • Dryer Sheets or Liquid

The Method

    • Use hot water to wash your jeans. Remember to set the water in the washing machine to the highest heating level.
    • Add some detergent for the wash. The hot water along with the churning motion of the washing machine would cause your jeans to shrink. What happens here is that the heat from the water causes the fibers of the clothing to contract, leading to shrinkage.
    • Once you are done with the wash, shift your jeans to the dryer. Here too, set the dryer to the highest setting. Drying your jeans will further contract the denim fibers. Dry your jeans completely in the dryer. For better results, leave them in the dryer for a little longer after they have dried.
    • Take care not to air dry your jeans as it can cause the shrinkage to stretch out. Some jeans may not shrink much in the first try.
    • Repeat the above process of washing and drying until your jeans shrink, as you desire. However, this method of shrinking jeans is not permanent.

Shrinking Jeans With Boiling Water

    • Using this method, you can shrink your pair of jeans a little faster than you can with a washing machine. Here, instead of a washer, you require a boiling pot of water.
    • Boil a large pot of water. Once the water comes to full boil, soak your jeans in the hot tub for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
    • Once done, throw your jeans immediately into the dryer and set it on high heat.
    • You can get your desired shrinkage using this method in a short period. As with a washing machine, here too, the shrinkage is temporary. Also, the level of shrinkage would depend on the style and quality of your jeans.

Shrinking Jeans In A Hot Bath
Yes, you read it right. Depending on how you perceive it, shrinking jeans in a hot bath could be the easiest way or the most uncomfortable. What you can do here is run a hot water bath for yourself. Now put on the jeans that you wish to shrink and sit or lie in the hot bath until the water begins to cool. Now wear the jeans around the house doing your regular household chores until they dry or better still sit in the sun with your feet propped until your denim dries out. Once dry, the jeans will mold itself to your body shape. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Shrinking Jeans By Ironing
You can shrink jeans by ironing them out. Here, as soon as you wash your jeans, place it on an ironing board and iron until completely dry. Though it may not shrink your jeans beyond a level, shrinking jeans by ironing works well if you want to shrink just a part of your jeans like the legs or the waistband. To shrink the waistband or legs, soak the required part in boiling water for some time and then put your jeans in the dryer on the highest heat setting and dry until slightly damp. Now take out the jeans and dry completely using an iron, turning them inside out. The resultant jeans would have shrunken legs and a shrunken waistband, as you hoped for.

Shrinking Jeans Using A Sewing Machine
The above methods would give you temporary shrinkage. If you are looking for a permanent fit, you can take your jeans to the tailor and get it altered to fit your size. You can do these alterations at home too, if you have a good sewing machine.

    • For this, wear your jeans inside out and button up.
    • Now carefully mark the areas that are loose and also mark the right measurement alongside. You can secure them with pins to know the sewing direction and also to find out how much of the fabric has to be altered to get a snug fit.
    • Mark along the pinned area and remove the jeans when you are done with the measurement.
    • Using a sewing machine, stitch along the marked areas to create new seams.
    • Once done, try on the jeans. If it fits properly, cut off the excess cloth and you have your jeans tailor-made just for you.

Jeans have to have the right fit for you to feel most comfortable and great in them. Extremely tight jeans, if worn too much, can cause health problems. When you buy jeans, always go for a good manufacturer and try to follow the instructions on the label to ensure a longer life. Be sure to try on the jeans before you buy them, as even the same brand and style would differ from one model to another in size. To check if your jean fits well and is comfortable, squat on the floor while wearing it. If it molds well to your posterior, and you are able to squat comfortably, and look like a million dollars in it, it is worth being billed. Even after taking all these precautions, if you still find your jeans to be not right, you could follow any of the above methods to shrink them to give you a snug, sexy, designer fit!