How To Tie A Bandana

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How To Tie A Bandana

The bandana, like a scarf, is worn by both men and women. However women started using bandanas made with materials like silk and wool till it eventually became a fashion item. Primarily used to keep the hair in place, bandanas help in keeping the hair covered, protecting them from the Sun and dust. Bandanas are basically square pieces of cloth and can be made from scarves. These scarves come in a beautiful array of prints, so if you are going to tie a bandana, make sure that you choose one that is appealing, colorful, and suits your attire. A good bandana can help enhance your appearance considerably and make you look very chic. When worn stylishly, the bandana can make quite a few heads turn. There are some variations in the way bandanas are worn and some of these styles have been popularized by different celebrities and designers. Here are some popular ways of tying a bandana to make a fashion statement. Take your pick!

Tying A Bandana

Bandana Wrap
Worn mostly by women, bandanas are square scarfs, roughly sixty centimeters in size and typically made of silk. You can start by folding the square scarf diagonally to make a triangle. Place the triangular scarf on the head so that the longest of the three sides falls on the forehead. This will ensure that the pointed ends are facing the back of the head. You can then use the two ends to tie the bandana into a simple knot. Hold the single knot with your hand so that it doesn’t loosen up and manipulate the loose end of the bandana across the back to make another knot. Adjust the scarf to a level on your forehead in a manner that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

Forehead Wrap
For this style, place the bandana on your forehead and hold it in place. Bring the ends round to the back of your head and tie either a single or double knot to secure the bandana firmly. This method helps hide a large portion of hair and was popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy, who used the style along with dark glasses to hide from the public and in particular, the paparazzi. Today, the style is commonly used by women who do not want to be easily recognized. In a stylized version, the bandana is pushed back further and a few tufts of hair are made visible. This is a style adopted by most people to look more hip.

Clean Headband
Fold the bandana into a triangle by bringing the two corners together. Beginning at the two corners, start folding the bandana and roll the folds on top of each other. Once this is done, take the ends of the bandana to the back of the head and tie it firmly to form a headband. You can adjust the bandana so that it sits on your forehead at a position that is comfortable to you. Positioning it well above the eyebrows and mid-way through the hairline is a good way to place the bandana. This will ensure that the headscarf is evenly tied around your head and does not slip easily. This style of tying a bandana shows that the person is ready for action, and is generally used for sporting or outdoor activities. This method of tying a bandana is not fashion wear; it is more utilitarian in nature.

Most bandana tying methods are somewhat similar as they aim to go round the head in different ways so that the hair is held in place. Men use a bandana primarily for this purpose though they do like it as a fashion item too. Women use the bandana to hold their hair in place or to get some relief from sun’s rays when they are riding a bike or walking in the sun, and as a fashion accessory. Bandanas have been used cleverly by celebrities to disguise their look in public and even by the regular people, to be inconspicuous. The bandana is now used whenever people go out in the open as protection against natural elements, to match and accessorize, as a substitute for hats and to look fashionable.