How To Tie A Sarong

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How To Tie A Sarong

Make a fashion splash, the next time you are at the beach, with beautiful sarongs. This large sheet of colorful fabric can make heads turn if you know how to tie it gracefully and create impressive style statements. Sarongs are largely used at beaches as cover up for swimsuits and beachwear. The word “sarong” is derived from the Malay language and means ‘covering’; it is a lower garment for the people of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, and not just beachwear. The Africans women usually cover their body using two sarongs or ‘Kangas’ as they call them. The top kanga is used especially to carry babies. But with the latest trends in fashion, men have also started wearing sarongs as popular beachwear; actually, in Sri Lanka, sarongs are only worn by men. There are various styles in which you can tie your sarong depending on how much you want to expose. Here are some tips on how you can tie your sarong.

Sarong Wrapping Style

Simple Skirt
Probably the easiest way is to just wrap the sarong around your waist and tie a simple square knot in front. You can also try another style by moving the knot to either of the sides for a sassy look.

This style looks best with a two piece swim suit. Just wrap the sarong around your waist by pulling the unfringed end. Now wrap to bring both ends to your back. If you have enough cloth then you can tie a knot or else, secure with pins.

To tie this super chic style sarong, just wrap the sarong around your upper body and pull both the ends to the front. Now cross wrap the ends around your neck and secure them at the back with a knot.

If you are one of those daring women that we hear so much about, then try this style. It is optional to wear a bikini top under the sarong. Wrap the sarong around your upper body and pull the ends to the front. Adjust the sarong so that it just lies under your armpits. Now, wrap the cloth around to the front and either tie a knot or secure by tucking them in or with pins at the back.

Short Skirt
If you are in the mood to show off some legs then fold the sarong vertically into a rectangle and tie it right below your belly button. Wrap it around and tuck the ends on either side, securely. Another variation is to fold the sarong into a triangle and wrap it around your waist. You can either tie a side knot at your hips or right in the middle also.

The toga style is very popular and is quite close to a dress. Wrap the sarong just under your armpit from the back so that one end is in front of either of your armpits and the other end is at the back of the same armpit. Now, pull both the ends and tie a knot at the shoulder. You can also pin the loose ends or double knot so that the toga doesn’t fall off.

More About Sarongs

Sarong Designs
Since sarongs are more than just beachwear, there are various patterns and designs in which they are available. You can choose from a variety of solid colors, pastel shades and bright bold colors. But if you want to experiment, try floral designs, bamboo sarongs, tie-n-dye sarongs, celtic designs or even hand painted, embroidered, beaded and sequined sarongs.

Sarong Ties
There are only a few ways to keep the sarong tied viz., knot, pins or tucking. But a sarong tie will keep your sarong securely in place plus it is also a great fashion accessory. Women use more than one tie to create beautiful dresses with the sarong. The tie is a piece of wood or metal with two holes to loop the sarong. There are many shapes in which these sarong ties are available like oval, heart, star, square/diamond, flower, butterfly and round.

Apart from wrapping the sarong as a dress, many use it as a head scarf and head wrap also. You can also creatively use these sarongs as shawls and even, chic turbans. You will find that many beach houses and restaurants use sarongs to decorate also. But we will stay away from mentioning how sarongs can be used as tablecloths because we want you to get the real, chic deal out of your sarong.