How To Tie A Scarf

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How to tie a scarf

The history of scarves dates back to the golden era of Romans when it was used only as a piece of cloth for functional purposes like covering one’s head or as a handkerchief. It then became a part of daily wear to protect oneself from harsh sunlight and, for a few, it even became a part of their religious beliefs. Today, scarves are considered a mark of fashion. Fashionable youngsters generally carry scarves of different shades to complement their attire. Scarves are not only used by women; these are just as popular with the men, and are used to create spectacular ensembles. Men also prefer wearing scarves with suits and casuals. For ladies, the choices of scarves are aplenty. From pastel shades to bright colors, from simple prints to dazzling animal prints, it is a vibrant market. You may get a hold of scarves from local vendors and if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks then stylish and branded scarves can be yours. After buying a scarf, tie it in the most creative of knots to make your hip fashion buddies turn green with envy. 

Tying A Scarf

There are numerous trendy ways in which you can tie your scarf. Here we discuss a few methods that are the best of the lot. 

Scarf Knots For Women

How To Tie A Long Winter Scarf

Long winter scarves look best with trench coats and casuals. These are simple to tie and look great with most attire.

    • Put the scarf around your neck. Make sure that both the ends are of equal length.
    • Tie the scarf loosely at chest level and adjust it according to your requirement.


How To Tie A European Loop

European loops look classy and can be teamed with all attire.

    • Take your scarf and fold into half.
    • Wrap it around your neck.
    • Pull the end through the loop and adjust the loop according to your preference.


How To Tie A Square Knot

Square knots can be tied on square-shaped scarves alone, but this should not deter you from tying a square knot, as these look fantastic with every attire.

    • Fold your scarf in half, forming a triangle.
    • With the triangle pointing downwards, stretch the triangle in front of your neck
    • Wrap the ends around the back of your neck. 

Scarf Knots For Men

Men look stylish with a scarf tied around their neck, along with jackets and sweaters. Once you know how to tie different knots, you will undoubtedly create a major fan following.

How To Tie Once-Around Knot

Once-around knots are stylish and extremely simple. Try wearing these with denims and a comfortable sweater.

    • Drape the scarf around your neck.
    • Let one end be longer than the other end.
    • Taking the longer end, and wrap it around your neck, creating a loose loop at chest level.


How To Tie A European Loop

European loops are the most popular styles of wearing a scarf. If you want to get some heads turning, then learning to tie a European loop might just help!

    • Fold the scarf in half.
    • Dangle the scarf around your neck with a loop formed on one side of your shoulder.
    • Bring the other end towards the loop.
    • Let the end pass through the loop, thus forming a European loop. 

How To Tie A Four In Hand Knot

This knot is preferred by men who look for simplicity.

    • Drape the scarf around your neck. Let the ends be unequal.
    • Wrap the longer end around the shorter one.
    • Pull the longer end through the back end of the loop thus created. Similar to the first step of a Windsor tie knot.
    • Pull it until it is tight enough for you. Make sure it doesn’t make you uncomfortable though.
    • Remember not to leave creases if you want to create a neat look.
    • This knot goes best with pullovers and gives a very scholarly look. 

Scarves are an integral fashion accessory in the wardrobes of both, men and women. You can select your scarf from a wide range of materials, prints and shapes to match every occasion. If you have understood the basic knots, tying a scarf is not a herculean task. Make sure that the knot suits your outfit, the occasion, the shape and style. Who said clothes subtle in color, are boring?  Match them with the perfect scarf and create a stunning ensemble.