How To Tie A Windsor Knot

How to Tie a Windsor Knot

This style of wearing a tie is followed by a majority of men when it comes to attending business meetings or other professional get-togethers. These are occasions where formal appearances matter the most. While it is generally known as the ‘full Windsor’ or ‘double Windsor’, the actual name i.e. ‘Windsor Knot’, was derived from the Duke of Windsor. Without doubt, this type of knot would look remarkable when worn with a dress shirt and can make you look dapper in a matter of minutes. Pair a classy suit with a Windsor knot for that characteristic, suave appeal. With this article, you will learn how to do the Windsor knot in a matter of minutes and that knowledge might come in handy when you are busy grooming yourself for that special date night also. Keep in mind, the model and the tie, as it should blend with the shirt that you have picked. The Windsor knot is considered to be the most elegant of all tie knots and it definitely is the best. Give it a try and feel the difference! 

Tying A Double Windsor Knot

    • Start off by placing the wide end of the tie on the left side of your neck. Extend it below the narrow end. You should have the wider, longer end of the tie in your left hand and the narrow, smaller end, in your right.
    • The next step is to cross the wide end over the narrow part of the tie. Hold the broader side in your right hand now and transfer the narrow one to your left. Bring the edge of the tie from underneath the narrow end and pull it in an upward direction, through the loop thus formed between the collar and the tie. This is your first knot.
    • Now, you should have the wider end of the tie in your right hand. With your left thumb placed firmly on the first knot, but under the wider portion, take the wider end of the tie to the left from under the narrow end of the tie. Bring the wider end of the tie over your thumb and then pull it back. The wider end should ideally be on your right now. Do not move the thumb from the first knot.
    • Now take the wider end through the loop such that it passes through the space that the thumb has created. This will create the second knot of the tie.
    • Pull the tie in a downward motion, and adjust the length simultaneously. Do not fret if you do not get the looping action right the first time. This might take some time and practice. Just make sure that the wider end of your tie just reaches your belt and is longer than the narrow end.
    • You have now created your triangular Windsor knot. Centre the knot as best as you can, and look dapper.

Dos And Don’ts

    • Always stand in front of a mirror if you are an amateur, when it comes to wearing a tie.
    • Don’t let mistakes hold you back. Never lose patience if you want to get it right.
    • Choose a tie made of durable material and classy designs.
    • Ironing the tie is important so that it looks stiff and sturdy; this can help enhance the overall appearance of the Windsor knot.
    • If you wish to experiment then there are other knots also like ‘Four in Hand’ and half-Windsor knots that can give you some variations.
    • The one thing that you must make sure while wearing a tie is that when the knot is done and ready, the wider end should extend only till exactly above the belt. It shouldn’t cover the belt neither should there be a patch of shirt visible between the tie and the belt.
    • Another thing to be kept in mind is that the narrow end must stay invisible at all times; it must be smaller than the wider end.
    • Do not get the ultra thin party ties if you are just learning. Try the knot with a conventional tie and move on to others once you have ample practice.

There are plenty of ways in which a tie can be worn but it is important that you know how to tie a Windsor knot as it is considered to be classy. Not everyone has a butler/assistant to help them and learning to do it for yourself is going to be beneficial. For a suave look, wear your Windsor knot with a well-tailored suit and impress all those you meet.