How To Use Hot Rollers

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how to use hot rollers

Hair rollers are great ways to bring back dull, limp, lifeless hair back to life with a little zing and bounce! Curling hair has never been so stylish and fun. Hair rollers make it easier for women to add a little volume and bounce to the hair with an addition of artificial, skillfully created curls. These are easier to use than walking into a salon and are safer than permanent curling techniques with the aid of curling irons. Using these hair rollers at home will give you the desired result and not cause extensive hair damage unlike permanent techniques. There are two different methods of using hair rollers. One is the ‘on-based’ method and the other is called the ‘off-based’ method. If ‘off-based’ methods are adopted by users, the rollers are placed at the end of hair strands causing no drastic change in the volume of the hair. It only results in dainty curls at the end of hair, keeping the original bounce and style of the hair. The ‘on-based’ method requires the usage of rollers all through the hair and results in maximum bounce and extreme curls. Read on if you want to try a new hairstyle and need some guidance before you can start.

Using Hot Hair Rollers

Preparatory Steps

    • Before starting to roll the hair with the rollers, it is imperative to make sure that the hair is washed properly. After the hair has been washed, a styling product such as the hair gel, foam or styling hair mousse must be applied on the hair.
    • Separate a small portion of the hair; comb and roll it on to the roller in the direction you want the curl. You can also separate the hair from the center and divide it into three or four sections to easily work with different portions. This can be done by clipping various parts of the hair that are not in use and vice versa.

For Even Curls

    • If you are looking for even curls all over your head, begin by rolling the upper sections of the hair.
    • Place the roller at the tip of the selected section and begin rolling by gripping the hair, and winding it tightly around the roller right from its strands, to the scalp. Repeat the process with different strands of hair.
    • Make sure you thoroughly comb your hair before attempting this process. It is necessary for the hair to remain straight and tight before winding it around the roller.
    • Loose hair at the beginning can hinder the rolling process and you might have to start all over again.
    • A firm grip, even sections and a proper roller will ensure even curls all over.

Setting Rollers

    • You can use a bit of hairspray or styling gel, while rolling the hair, to keep it in place and arrest it before it can get frizzy.
    • Once all the portions of hair have been carefully set in place by the rollers, you can spray the hair again with some styling liquid or mousse to ensure that all the hair strands have been evenly sprayed with hair styling gel. This will also ensure that no loose ends are sticking out.

Forming Curls

    • Once you have finished spraying your hair with the styling liquid or foam, you can leave your hair to dry or even blow dry it.
    • Blow dryers are used to hasten the setting of the curls. It is absolutely mandatory to ensure that the blow dryer is held at a distance and not too close to the hair or scalp. This is because, it could damage the hair strands leading to split ends and could burn the scalp.
    • For faster results, you can hold the blow dryer directly over each roller and gently let the hot air, dry each strand. This will ensure an even drying process and the curls will also set quickly.
    • In case you are planning to keep the rollers on through the night, make sure you cover the scalp with a protective net.

Finishing Touches

    • Once the hair is dry, you can remove the rollers and let it fall loose against your shoulders. You are all set and ready to go!
    • However, if you have used a blow dyer, allow for a cooling period of 10-15 minutes before you can remove the rollers. The hair has to be free from moisture while being released from rollers, otherwise it could get tangled!
    • While removing the rollers, make sure you remove them gently, against the direction of the curls.
    • After removing them, it is necessary to lightly brush the newly made curls so that they fall naturally with the rest of the hair. If you fail to brush your hair, the new curls might look awkward and unnatural against the contours of your natural hair and face.
    • You can also use your hands to scrunch parts of your hair or style it in the way you want your hair to look in the end.

Rollers are fun ways to add lots of life, zing and funkiness to your hair. Feel free to experiment with these at-home-parlor techniques and you will not be disappointed! All you need is a couple of rollers, a mirror, a blow dryer, some natural styling products, oodles of confidence, some practice and you are all ready to rock the party! Remember; it is your hair and you are the master of your mane’s universe.