How To Wear A Beret

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How to wear a beret

The beret is a humble cap that had its beginnings in Europe and became a very popular fashion accessory in France and Spain. The beret traditionally formed a part of many army and police uniforms. To this day, these caps continue to be a part of various uniforms and are also worn by general public. Though a headgear similar to the beret was worn by the nobility a very long time ago, this cap became commercial in the early 19th century. In the West, both men and women sported berets as sportswear in the early 1920’s, and later donned it as a fashion statement. The beret is versatile and is designed to fit snugly around the head. It is worn in a variety of ways but is usually pushed to one side. Service personnel, depending on their country’s specifications, either wear it flat or pulled down to one side close to the head. Today, the beret is an elegant fashion accessory and when worn with the right clothes, the overall appeal is matchless. Let us explore the ways in which berets can be worn. 

Wearing A Beret 

How To Choose And Wear A Beret

  • Start by either buying or knitting your own beret.
  • It would be advisable for you to choose a shade that matches your hair color and the clothes in your closet. If this is your first time with a beret cap, opt for neutral/pastel shades to go with all your clothes.
  • You may like to consider whether you want a thin lacy beret made of crocheted cotton for summer or a thicker beret made of wool to be worn during the winter. There is no harm in buying/making both!
  • Most hairstyles look great with a beret. Whether it is a ponytail or an updo, feel free to experiment with any hairstyle of your choice!
  • You can place the beret anywhere on your head, to either show or expose your hairline.

You can decide what suits you best, but remember that berets were always traditionally worn a little lopsided. Have fun wearing them! 

Military Berets

These require precision and an ability to follow some well laid-out rules. The size of your military beret should match the size of the cap that’s worn with the battle uniform, so ascertain that first. The beret’s band must be placed across the forehead and an inch above the eyebrow. The ‘flash and patch’ style of a military beret involves placing it precisely above the middle of the left eye. The rest of the beret needs to brush the right ear at the middle without going over the ear lobe haphazardly. Unless you want to be pulled up by a tough sergeant, make sure the beret is worn just right. 

Crocheted Berets

These are groovy, funky and in vogue. Ideal for women, these berets are great options to wear with jeans or trench coats. The crocheted beret can be worn at the back of the head or even over your hairline, with your hair let loose. You can wear the beret a little lopsided to loosely fit over your head with a few bobby pins to hold it in place. Trousers or jeans with a similar colored beret and black crochet tops are just fabulous and can make you look like you have just stepped out of the cover of a high fashion magazine. 

‘Slouchy’ Beret

The advantage of the ‘slouchy-style beret’ is that it is an all-season accessory. The ‘slouchy’ beret is usually knitted with soft acrylic and/or feathery wool. Close looped stitching patterns with soft, sturdy acrylic yarn are very popular as these allow for easy cleaning. Another option is to get handmade crocheted berets and banded berets. Whatever the style, one of the most important features to keep in mind is the color. 

Accessorize Your Beret

Depending on the material that your beret is made of, you can always think of various ways to jazz it up.

  • Flower pins, brooches or bows are ideas you might want to consider.
  • You could also try large earrings or hoops.
  • If the beret is big and loose, you might want to make sure that it does not slip off. In such a situation, the best you can do is to consider using hair pins to hold it down. 

Choosing A Beret To Wear

As there is a big difference between styles and trends, make sure that your style fits the latest trends. Decide what you want, and ensure that the beret fits your personal style, or else you might end up looking like you are ‘trying too hard’. There are three things you must consider when choosing your beret.

  • The color must suit your clothes, hair and overall appearance.
  • The style must fit your personality and it should complement, rather than diminish the overall appeal.
  • Most importantly, purchase a beret that is comfortable!

Berets are the best choices for headgear this season. It is probably the best way of keeping your head warm while making a fashion statement. The color of your beret can do much to your appearance, and if you have a problem finding a color which suits you, it is probably safer to go with a black or a neutral colored one. Never wear a beret flat like a pancake on your head. Always remember to have it pulled to one side and let the beret work its magic.