How To Wear A Scarf

how to wear a scarf

Scarves originated in ancient Rome, where they were used by people to wipe the face and neck to stay hygienic. During the early, ancient Egyptian civilization, scarves were more of symbols of social status. Worn around the neck or the waist, scarves were not originally used to keep the neck and the face warm. Instead, they were primarily used as face wipes, before being turned into an essential fashion accessory with the passage of time. Scarves were also used in the military to distinguish ranks of serving personnel. Today, in colder places and/or weathers, a woolen scarf is worn around the neck as a means of keeping warm, whereas in dustier, warmer places/weathers, the scarf finds use as protection against airborne contaminants and is used to cover the hair and parts of the face. Scarves have found an eminent place as fashion items and are even used as cravat ties for formal occasions. Today, scarves are mostly worn to heighten and enhance the appearance of attire and personality. Learning how to wear a scarf might be of use to you. Read on to know more.

Wearing A Scarf

Academic Scarves
Following British and Irish traditions, academic neck scarves are used at colleges and universities. Made with two color combinations and usually of wool, they are about two meters in length. Those representing the college or university are permitted to wear them as a symbol and in recognition of their institution. No particular method is specified and such scarves are generally wrapped around the neck to flaunt the college colours and the university they represent. More formal scarves are worn with blazers, both in colleges as well as in the military, in the place of neckties. Such scarves are neatly tied at the neck and are visibly spread at the throat to fall downwards neatly. These types of scarves are considered formal and are usually worn in the evenings or on formal occasions like academic dinners and/or university club events.

Sports Scarves
Following the British tradition, many sports clubs have also developed their own scarves representing the club colours. These scarves come in a variety of sizes and certain clubs even have the club crest embossed on them. These scarves can be worn in any random way. The prime objective of these scarves is to display the club colours and to keep the people warm during cold conditions at matches.

Printed Scarves
A scarf worn around the head is referred to as a bandana and is worn primarily by women; though men may also wear them in this way. The intention of this method of tying is to protect the hair and help keep it in place. These square scarves, usually made of printed silk, are first folded to form triangles. These triangles are then placed on the forehead, with the two ends securely tied at the back of the head. There are variations in the method of tying and using the bandana, but it happens to be one of the most popular variations of using printed scarves.

Head Wrap
Take a scarf and place the center of the scarf on top of your head with the two ends dangling, at equal length, down both your shoulders. Ensure that the scarf lies flat on your head. Throw one end of the scarf over the shoulder onto the other side and either pin the two ends together or tie a knot at the back. This is a very simple way of wearing a scarf; it also happens to be the traditional way of wearing a scarf in eastern and Asian countries.

Cape Wrap
Take a square scarf and fold it into a triangle. Now place the scarf on your shoulders so that the ends drape from either side towards the front. The triangular part is now centered behind you and pointing downwards in form of a cape, whereas the two ends are in front. Take the two ends and tie them neatly in a double knot in line with your chin just below throat level.

Today, the scarf is used both for protection against harsh climatic conditions and also for making a fashion statement. Designers have almost always included scarves in their collections, but now it is coming up as a trend in itself too. If you have an eye for color, patterns and combinations, create your own versions and knots, for you know what suits you best. Choosing a scarf with bright colors will help you stand out in a crowd and make you look vibrant. So go ahead and choose an appropriate scarf and wear it with élan.