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mens wardrobe basics

Most men claim that shopping is not their cup of tea! This is surprising considering the trends in men’s fashion are almost as plentiful as those for women. It is now ancient news that unlike women, men are not provided with a wide choice of accessories and clothes. Even if this were true, it should not stop them from creating style statements of their own. It is disappointing to see that most men do not even have the basic essentials in their wardrobe. Most men idolize suave and smoldering Hollywood celebrities without realizing that dressing up like them, does not necessarily require elaborate wardrobes. Just the essentials coupled with the right accessories and grooming could well turn you into the next George Clooney! They say that clothes make the man and so, it is important to know what clothes you have and what you need. Read on further to find out the top wardrobe basics that every man must have.

Wardrobe Essentials For Every Man

White Formal Shirt
The thumb rule here is that the white formal shirt goes with all pants in almost all colors. It will give you a neat dressed-up look for all your formal and office needs. Make sure you invest in a good quality 100% cotton or linen shirt that will last you a long time.

Khaki Pants
Essentially a summer must-have, a nice pair of khaki pants or chinos should be present in any man’s wardrobe. Make sure you pick up a well-fitted cotton khaki pant. They are best when worn as part of your casual Friday dressing to work or for a semi-formal event.

Suit Up!
Every man should have at least one well-fitted black or dark gray or navy blue suit. Gray is the more popular choice for its universal formal as well as casual appeal but navy blue and black are also equally stylish. It is amazing how a two or three button, single breasted suit can look good on nearly every body type. If you have a tall, lean frame then opt for flat front pants rather than pleats. However, the most important factors to look for would be comfort and fit.

Denim Pants
You can never go wrong with this piece of evergreen fashion garment. Try on a pair that is flattering for your frame and figure. Go for well fitted jeans but stay away from a pair that is too tight. This is a piece of staple garment. Choose from various styles like slim fit, regular, banana or boot cut; find one that fits your hips and thighs, and reaches just up to your shoes.

Polo Shirt
For that crisp summery look, pair your solid color polo with your khakis or trousers. They are great for work, casual meetings and even happy hours etc. some of the important must-have colors are blue, green, gray and white. It is best to invest a bit more into polo shirts because once you wear them they become your second skin.

If you can shell out some money to buy a fine cashmere sweater then it will be one of those long lasting pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. But woolen sweaters are also fine. Just see that the sweater is well fitted yet lose enough to be worn over t-shirts or polo shirts. Choose a sweater with ribbed cuffs, collar and bottom, fitting your build, so that it’s not loose or floppy in appearance.

Jacket/Sports Coat
You will have occasions when the opportunity to show your sporty or athletic side to your work people will present itself. Don’t let this opportunity slip away and keep a well fitted jacket or sports coat handy for such days. A sports coat is a versatile blazer that suits every piece of casual attire. Look for the classic with two buttons, a single vent at the back and medium width lapels.

Casual Shirt
It is good if you have two or three of these. It will only add to your style statement. Even though the shirt should be fitted, it should not be too tight and give a feel of button down shirt. You can pick up interesting patterns and styles in checks, plain or striped designs. Some of the must have colors are white, blue, brown, red and purple.

Wardrobe Essential Accessories

    • Belts – Black Or Brown
    • Ties – Plain Or Striped. Nothing too flashy.
    • Socks – Black, Brown, Navy Blue and Tan
    • Shoes – Black
    • Sunglasses – Preferably aviators.
    • Sneakers Or Summer Sandals
    • Cologne
    • Clean Undergarments
    • Watch
    • Wallet
    • Work Bag
    • Man-Bag

All these items are dependent on the budget in hand. It is important to invest in good quality products even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks for that. Also, if you are planning to keep the wardrobe for a long time, then it is best to choose classic cuts, prints & colors. To complete your look, give equal importance to your grooming also; cut hair, a neat beard and a clean, hygienic body will only enhance the charm of a well-dressed man.