Men’s Winter Fashion

Men Winter Fashion

Don’t let the cold waves of winter restrict your style and approach! Heavy jacket and sweatshirts are essentials of winter but it does not mean that you should look as pale as the winter season itself. Fashion world is also conscious about this fact and many trendy jackets and sweatshirts are available today that can maintain your style even in the coldest of weathers. Not only attires, accessories also match up to the trend in any season and winter is no exception. Wrap yourself up in the most trendy winter clothes this season and say bye-bye to the boring clothes and accessories that have haunted your winters forever. Staying in your quilts to avoid outings is not an option this year because with the wide range of awesome clothes available this season, you can’t help but showoff. Explore the new collection of hats, sweaters, gloves and scarves without letting your style take a nasty slip and fall. Given below are some suggestions for you to follow this season. Explore the newest fashion with this article and adorn yourself to the best!

Winter Fashion For Men

Shades Of Grey
Grey has always been a popular winter hue so, try out the various tones of gray this winter. It may take a bit of practice to get the right one because there are certain things to be kept in mind while selecting this color. The first thing to bear in mind is that the hues you select must not be too close together to each other. The best way to deal with it is to look up a variety of hues before zeroing on your favourite. Picking an extremely light shade and a really dark one could be one option to make sure that the colours are different, yet related enough to complement each other.

Leather Staples
Leather is an important component in men’s fashion wardrobe. Jackets, shoes, belts – you may find leather in various forms. Are you an animal lover with a staunch no-leather ideology? Don’t worry! Faux leather could help you deal with this little snag also. With this amazing material, you could rock the world without betraying your ideologies. This season, try out bomber jackets, sleek gloves or biker-style ankle boots to create a bold look.

Military Look
Get a military look with sleek, tailored jackets adorned with shiny, aligned buttons. The strict lines that maintain a military look are maintained by straight leg pants and slim fitting shirts like polo necks. Adding a few understated metallic touches here and there would add to the get-up. If you do not want to follow the very prim ideal olden day military captains, try making it unique with a little of your own personality.

Nothing is as unfashionable as wearing a gawky sweater to keep you warm during winters. Wrap up yourself in an ultimate layering piece which not only provides protection from the chill but, also affirm your vogue. Get at least a pair of vest to put on while you hang out with your friends and induce some life and energy into the dull winter weather.

Tie A Scarf
Scarfs are designed to wrap around the neck, a primary place of heat release. It has been scientifically proven that you can minimize the heat loss of your body by wrapping a scarf around your neck and thus, it is a necessary accessory in winter. You may tie your scarf in simple ways. Knot it once around your neck to create a casual look; you may make it loose if the atmosphere is not that cold. The Persian style is fussier than the other styles, but bears a fashion statement of its own. To try this style, fold the scarf lengthwise and pull the two ends through the loop formed on the other side. Do not wear the scarf like the Christmas-clad Peanuts cartoon character by throwing one end over your shoulder; it is way too out of fashion!

Kindly Avoid

Oversize Puffer Jacket
Gone are those days when big, beefy jackets dominated the fashion world. Do not try them out now if you long to get any second looks. It is just a myth that the thicker the jacket the warmer it would be. There are thinner options available these days which can put the thickest of jackets to shame when it comes to keeping a body warm.

Bulking up
Don’t pack on extra pounds either. It is absolutely unnecessary to tog up in a shapeless heap of heavy layers to battle cold. The main problem is that bulk can gradually swell beyond control, starting as an oversized knit under a thick sweater followed by a massive ankle-length wool coat turning an otherwise pleasant winter into a catastrophic clothing inundation. Pick-up light weight fabrics, like thinsulate, to dress up comfortably in winter!

Sensible dressing would help you look stylish despite the chill of the climate. Hiding yourself in a heap of clothes is not the way to confront this adverse climate. Try out the suggestions given above and maintain a cool and classy look even during the dullest of weathers.