Modern Greek Fashion

greek fashion

Even with the fashion capital, Paris, close by, Greece is not the typical fashion hub. But the famous designers swear by the immensely talented Greek tailors. The popular Athens Fashion Week (sometimes referred to as Greek Fashion Week) is the proof of the growing fashion sense in Greeks. The ancient Greek style has now become a fashion statement of sorts. Most of the beautiful red carpet dresses have a lot of Greek influence on them. It is not surprising that the highlight of such parties and events is a set of new fashionistas who seem to adore the simple clothing worn by ancient Greeks. The Greek fashion takes a lot from the Heroic Age of Greece, with bright colored clothes and exquisite gold jewelry. It is also interesting to note that men and women in Greece wore almost the same kind of clothes. Read on to know more about how the fashion of ancient Greeks has made a mark on the modern fashion.

Modern Greek Clothing for Women

One Shoulder Gowns

Taking inspiration from the ancient clothing called the Peplos, one shoulder gowns are the popular choice among women of all ages. The modern version of this classic Greek style has a straight neckline running across the shoulder that eventually meets the other underarm in a single thin strap. This fashion and style has now been incorporated into wedding gowns, swimwear, maxi dresses and others. The exotic attire, coupled with a thin belt for a shoulder strap, adds to the glamour and appeal of the wearer.

Vintage Chiton Dress
The name of the dress is an inspiration from the traditional Greek dress called the Chiton. This simple and elegant costume was worn by all women in ancient Greece. In the modern fashion world, this dress is a tube garment that has a tight fitting at the bust area and has a flowy bottom. The dress is usually knee-length. It is further embellished with buttons, brooches or fancy pins. Teenagers accessorize it with chunky silver belts or chains. The bottoms have many pleats, giving it a very organised look.

Greek Bridal Gowns
The Greek wedding gowns are a fresh mix of classic patterns with vintage romanticism and modern eccentricity. The style is mostly off shoulder, one shoulder or strapless. Designers work to create one-shoulder Greek tunic or a strapless dropped-empire waist dress that has pleated straight silhouette to add to the grace of a Greek goddess look. The skirt or skirt of the gown starts just below the bust line creating a classic Greek look, complete with the elegance and oomph associated with the ancient Greeks.

Modern Greek Clothing for Men

Greek suits
One of the most popular pieces of garment in men’s clothing, the Greek suit is a type of blazer or coat. It comes in various lengths from knee to the waist. The suit is fashioned with big buttons or an attractive looking zipper in the front. The color is made highly polished with a velvet or fur finish inside.

Greek Groom
Just like other western weddings, Greek men also wear suits for their weddings. The suits are all sharp, classy and sophisticated with colors like grey and black. This style is created with tails on the jackets in a three-piece suit. A Greek groom is often seen with a unique, sleek look with a hat and a pocket watch to keep the ancient customs alive in this modern world.


Gladiator Sandals
This recent fashion is very popular among men and women alike. Taking inspiration from the footwear of the warriors of Greece, also called Gladiators, the design for this type of sandals has been adopted into modern designs, albeit with a few changes. The women sandals come with platform heels and flats, while men still prefer the traditional flat ones. The sandals have a string that can be tied up, above the ankles.

Grecian jewelry has had profound influence on the designs of modern jewelry as well. The famous Greek design of Rosette motifs was worn by Greek gods and goddesses. Since the land was abundant in precious stones, they formed an important part of all jewelry and decorative ornaments. You can try Greek inspired bangles, bracelets, rings and neckpieces in bright colors and with semi-precious stones.

Crowns And Headbands
Worn equally by men and women in weddings, the crown, or stefana, is made with small white flowers, leaves and ribbons. This is a very popular accessory among women for parties. It is generally available in gold, silver and other metals and is often embedded with rhinestone and crystals. The gold leaf crown-band is also an important accessory in Greece, symbolizing the purity of Greek gods and goddesses.

The Modern Greek fashion is an interesting blend of Grecian and Oriental style with vintage and futuristic elements. Even though the fashion is similar to European fashion, you will notice that the modern day fashion in Greece consists of women in dresses and skirts of very light colors, like white, light blue, light pink and yellow. Men wear pants, t-shirts and jackets in colors like black or brown with dress shoes and gladiator sandals.