Teenage Summer Fashion

Teen Fashion

teenage summer fashion

Teenage fashion is an important segment of fashion industry and is a big business. Both boys and girls can be equally fashionable. With the onset of summer and the start of holidays, you would need getaway clothes irrespective of whether you are going on a vacation or just spending time at home. Adolescence is an age when there is a definite tendency to try one’s own style. Girls would look great in any dress or with a shirt/top with floral patterns. Jeans are great for both sexes as they go well with a huge array of different styles and tops. Denim is sure shot bet as it can be combined with almost anything. You can also consider denim shorts, which would look great. For your feet, the ideal wear would be sneakers as they are both comfortable and would give you a carefree, easygoing look. Use sandals only for informal occasions. Follow any trend you wish, but ensure that whatever personal style you choose, you should feel comfortable in it. Summer is a time when you can wear clothes that have vibrant colors, which would be a great way to enhance your looks.

Styles For Teenage Girls
The choice of color forms an important part of choosing your summer wear.

    • The choice of colors usually changes with season and the latest trend is towards the use of sea colors. These could be turquoise, blue, whites and navy colors.
    • Prints with flowers and bohemian style would be ideal for tops.
    • Cut off shorts and rippled jeans are very much in, as are tubes, tanks and one shoulder styles and oversized tees and tanks. These are sure to make you look up to date and chic.
    • Take a look at skirts in different styles with printed fabrics.
    • If you have long legs, perhaps a mini skirt or a wrap around skirt will help you flash those legs.
    • If you are on the bulkier side, then consider wearing a skirt, which flows along the body with floral prints that are in vogue.
    • If you love pants, try the cargo pant.
    • Capri pants are also fashionable and are both trendy and comfortable.
    • Try a camisole top, as this will help show your arms and play up your bust.
    • If you have a good figure, you could wear body hugging cotton tops.
    • So far as Indian fashion is concerned, kurta’s are the latest in thing. You can team up a short kurta with pants. What’s more, they are the perfect dress to hide your tummy bulges, if any.

Styles For Teenage Boys

    • It’s not only girls who feel the urge to look good and in sync with what is trendy and cool. Boys today are influenced by both the media and peer pressure to look like someone who has just walked off the ramp. To a large extent, fashion for boys is dictated more by Western trends than it is in the case of girls. Some amount of ethnic wear of high quality is now becoming popular with the readymade market for pajama kurta and sherwanis. These are more of clothing used at functions unless they are made of cotton and are lightweight.
    • T- Shirts are hugely popular among teens in the summer and there is such an array, that you can choose one based purely on the occasion to look totally laid back or semi-formal. This trend will last throughout the season.
    • Every teenage boy should have a printed vest in his wardrobe for the summer and the bolder the print, the better it will look. When you buy one, make sure that you choose one with bright colors that makes you stand out in the crowd.
    • If you intend to go swimming this summer, then it makes sense to get yourself graphic swimming trunks, as they are the easiest way to show a little bit of your personality to the world.

Be bold in your choice. The trend is to choose anything that will make you stand out and get noticed. Have clothes in your wardrobe that can hold good for any given occasion, so all you have to do is flip it out, mix and match and you are ready to paint the town red, blue, green or whatever color. Experiment with different clothes, for you don’t know what is likely to make a hit with you and your social circle, and which clothes you are going to have fun wearing.

Teen clothing and other teenage fashion essentials include hairstyles, jewelry, makeup and accessories, and the combination of these in the right manner can make an outfit look great whether they are a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or a cool summer frock. Make your clothes shopping easier and cheaper by keeping yourself well informed of what is current fashion. Update your wardrobe by giving away clothes that you don’t wear. Mix and match clothes from your wardrobe to spice up your look this summer!