Teenage Winter Fashion

Teen Fashion

Teenage Winter Fashions

Teenage is the most beautiful period of one’s life; it is when you experience your first crush, your first party or your first prom. Your clothes and looks rule your life in the teenage and form the most important part of your existence. Teenagers pride themselves on being well-versed with styles and desire different varieties of clothes for different occasions. Never underestimate a teenager’s sense of fashion. They are a long way past the laces and frills of Rapunzel and Cinderella. Though simplicity and elegance rule them at times, teenagers seem to be on a never-ending quest for uniqueness. They have an ardent desire to set their own styles. Prom nights, high school convocations, dates, slumber parties, a trip to the movies or a fair are some of the events teenagers need to attend that require them to be trendy and unique. In short, the ‘teenage phase’ is a time when an individual’s closet should be filled with unique clothes. 

Winter Fashion For Teens

Winter Fashion For Teenage Girls


The best way to protect you from head to toe in a single piece is the classic knee length coat, also called a trench coat. Vintage-inspired trench coats are trending favorites with teenage girls. These can be combined with gum boots or a pair of chic ballerinas for a stylish look. Nowadays, these coats are available in a wide range of hues. Short length coats with heavy vintage buttons are available and are hot must-haves this season. Try opting for subtle shades to complement your formal wear in your wardrobe. 

Woolen Leggings

The best item you can invest in for your winter wardrobe is a pair of woolen leggings. Leggings keep your legs warm and look absolutely stylish with knee length overcoats. To double your glamour quotient, why not team the attire with a stunning beanie cap? A pair of chic boots will make your personality undeniably enviable. For formal functions, pair your leggings with pastel coloured ballerinas or boots and top the look off with a nude scarf. 


Shawls are also must-have items for the winter season. Pick up a few shawls; anything from the trendy to the basic ones would do. For formal gatherings, the look that a Pashmina shawl can provide is undeniably classy. Teenage girls should always have some shades such as white, beige, pink, black, maroon and blue. For more options, opt for stoles with bright prints, motifs and patterns to go with your winter wear.  


Who said skirts are to be locked in the wardrobe and forgotten during winter? Try wearing skirts with bright floral motifs to paint a dull day bright. A-line cuts to flared ones, anything can be worn according to your choice. Don’t forget to wear warm leggings underneath. If you want to go for miniskirts, match them with chic leggings and a pair of classy or colorful ballerinas. 

Denim Jeans

You can always count on your favorite pair of denims during the winter season. Pair your denims with your favorite cardigans, pull-overs or sweatshirts for that all-nighter or just another day out. 

Winter Fashion For Teenage Boys

Pea Coat

This is the best option for you, if you want to stay warm during winter. Pea coats are available in sporty styles and formal styles. Either way, you would look best with a full t-shirt underneath and a pair of gloves. 

Winter Hats

Keeping your head warm is an important thing during winter. For a tougher look, opt for skull/crossbone skull caps that are not only fashionable, but also protect your head from the chilly weather. For a trendier look, invest in lined paperboy-hats or gangster fedoras. 

Shirt-Sweater Combo

A collared shirt with a nice, firm sweater adds to the teenage-gentleman look. The best part of a sweater-shirt combo is, that it can be worn with a pair of jeans as well as formal trousers and still carry the same effect. 


One thing you need to do is toss out those bulky turtlenecks. Go for the leaner options instead and pick ones that can be worn along with a coat. Top it with a cap to look like Sherlock Homes or Dr. Watson for a chic effect. 


Scarves are the “in” thing now. For boys, trendy and designer scarves with geometric prints, chess board prints and the like are available all over the world. Scarves help you stay warm and protected, apart from making you look really classy.

Winter is the season where you can do full justice to coats, shawls and other comfortable winter wear. Gone are the days of the traditional black, beige, burgundy and shades of brown. The secret mantra is that no matter what attire you choose to wear, wear it with confidence, style and attitude to look graceful, even during winter.