Trends In Men’s Shoes

Trends In Mens Shoes

Most men realize that shoes form an important part of dressing, as much as clothes and headgears do. You can wear the best of clothes, but if you top it off with unmatched or shabby looking footwear, it would mar your overall look. In fact, fashion experts today recognize footwear as an important accessory to proper dressing. If you want others to be impressed by your looks, you need to ensure that your shoes match the rest of your outfit. Generally, men’s footwear can be classified into the three broad categories — casual footwear, dressy shoes, and sportswear. The thought that men are not fussy about their shoes is nothing but a presumption. Having said that, most men generally opt for shoes that are comfortable to wear and complement their sense of style. Although well-advertised and branded footwear have made huge inroads into world markets, there are still shoemakers who design handmade shoes. These are now really an exception to the rule, as they can be expensive and meant only for the rich. Explore thelatest trends in men’s shoes in the write-up below.

Latest Trends In Men’s Shoes

Casual Footwear
Men will generally wear any kind of footwear to work. The selection of the shoe, however, must depend on the type of work one does. Generally, shoes that are worn for daily use must not only complement the clothes that one wears, but also must be durable and fit for daily use. In that case, shoes with rubber or PVC soles are the best bet. These shoes are available as both laced-up shoes and loafers, now more commonly known as the slip-ons. Attached with elastic bands on the sides, these shoes are easy to wear and remove. Some shoes come with Velcro strips, which are used to fasten and hold the shoe firmly onto the feet. These types of footwear are also easy to wear than the laced shoe.

Dressy Shoes
Dressy shoes can be worn on less formal occasions as well as a more formal affair. They pair well with anything, be it jeans or chinos. The recent trends in dressy shoes use square toes, and not the winged tip. As far as the sole of the shoe is concerned, unless it is made of pure leather, in which case, the sole would also be of leather, you should choose rubber soles, as they are comfortable and popular too.

Formal Shoes
Leather, which has been used to make shoes since time immemorial, continues to be a favorite even today. Owing to the technological advances, an array of materials like rubber, plastic and synthetic cloth has come to be used. However, leather shoes have remained standard as formal dress shoes. Previously, soles for shoes were hand-stitched, which was laborious and time-consuming. Today, they are invariably machine stitched or glued on. Formal shoes are generally used for events such as weddings, formal parties, or dinners. These are designed in classic styles and patterns and are known for their softness, comfort and durability. Invariably, leather is more commonly used in manufacturing laced shoes. However, of late, they are being used to make slip-ons too.

When it comes to sportswear for men, the choices are infinite. Well-known brands like Nike and Adidas make sports shoes that are designed differently and adequately to match the requirements of every sport. You can choose from a collection of running shoes to tennis shoes to golf shoes and so on. These shoes are sports friendly and assist one to perform better in a particular sport. Examples of such shoes include cricket boots, which have spikes on the soles for better grip to help bowlers perform better or playing shoes, which have better sole grip to save the players from slipping. These shoes come in colors like grey, white beige and all sorts of combinations that make the shoes eye-catching. This appeal has spurred buyers to use them for regular wear too, both for comfort and looks.

As shoes are worn primarily for the protection of your feet, it is essential to choose shoes that are comfortable and resilient to wear and tear. Today’s shoes are made explicitly for this purpose, and generally, only poorly made shoes would give you shoe bite. Shoes have become a fashion statement, so irrespective of whether you are choosing shoes for sports or for formal dressing, ensure that you choose one, which is trendy and fashionable and of course, looks good on your feet.