Tuxedo Accessories

tuxedo accessories

Tuxedos are great, must have essentials in every man’s wardrobe. You might need it for that important wedding, a formal party, the office dinner, the prom or even just to look and feel like Bond while entering that casino. Tuxedos mostly come in black, dark blue and brown for formal events and can make a man’s oomph or desirability meter up a couple of notches. It is popularly known by other names all around the world. In France, the Tuxedos are called the “smoking jackets” and in Britain, they are known as the “dinner jackets”. But as grand as they are, even tuxedos can look plain, boring and lack luster without the appropriate accessories. If you are taking your woman out on a date, and you want to look your snazzy-best, it is absolutely essential to wear a couple of accessories that complement your ‘tux’. This article will guide you on the absolute must have accessories that will make your perfect tux even better for you.

Tuxedo Shirts
Who can think of wearing a tuxedo without a shirt? Wearing a shirt is necessary but not wearing the right sort could put you in a sticky spot. There are two types of shirts that can be worn with your favorite tux. One is the flip collared shirt and the other is the wing collared shirt. In a wing collared shirt, the collars are flapped down and can be extremely uncomfortable for long events. The flip collared shirts can be flexibly worn with dress shirts as well and are usually a lot dressier because they are teamed with cuffs and pleats in the front. Depending on the type of occasion coming up, you can decide to wear either.

Bow Ties
Bow ties can make a man look extremely sharp and helps add an appealing aesthetic to the whole look. The bow ties have to be around 2.5 inches in width and breadth in order to be noticeable. If your tuxedo is black or blue, it is suggested to get bow ties of the same color. Bow ties add an overall classic, Victorian feel to the whole attire and makes for a beautiful take on a whole new spectrum of understated elegance. These bows come as convenient clip-ons also. However, they look best if they are handmade. Bow ties come in many materials and textures, but it is preferable to get a bow tie with a silk or satin texture for a shiny, smooth feel.

Pocket Squares And Cufflinks
Cufflinks are mandatory to complete a formal, tuxedo look. Most dress shirts come with cufflinks to enhance the overall charm of the attire. Cufflinks even enhance the look of the not-so-expensive tuxedos and can make the wearer look and feel like a million bucks. These are available in a full range of materials and colors, with gold, silver or metal casing. If you opt for a silver cuff link, try teaming it with a classic silver watch and a silver pocket square to add to the glimmer. Pocket squares are optional and can be used as decorative ornaments in the front pocket of your tuxedo. Owning one would only add to the suaveness.

If you think your tuxedo lacks some excitement, try adding a bit of rustic charm by wearing a waistcoat or a vest. These always look marvelous on men with tuxedos and complement them beautifully. Of course, you need to have a personality to carry it off, but if you are confident, then why not? Men’s tuxedo vests are available in different colours and textures, but it is better to stick to the plain classy look with a navy blue or black. You can never go wrong with those formal colors. If you are a groom looking for vests, the best options will be the ones with embellishments and patterns that you get at designer stores. You have got to look your husband-best on the day of your wedding, and vests are a great place to start. For others who are not in the groom list, vests can make you look more sophisticated and can add a little zing to that boring tuxedo outfit.

Cummerbunds are svelte. They can make you look and feel like royalty provided you are wearing them the right way and with the right accessories. You cannot afford to make the mistake of wearing cummerbunds with vests. They cannot be worn together. You can team the cummerbund with your bowtie of the same color. Black is the preferred choice for formal events. Of course, there are lesser formal events and you can even be experimental and try red! For all you know, it might work. There is a trick to wearing the cummerbund. The pleats have to be upward facing while wearing this piece of attire. The best cummerbunds come in silk, polyester and satin. So go ahead, take your pick and look your stylish-best.

Shoes can either make or break your entire tuxedo look that you have been working so hard for. You cannot wear slip-ons and ordinary shoes; they will murder the whole look. The classy tuxedo has to be respected and given the best shoes to complete the look. The waxed lace-ups, square toes and cosmopolitan shoes give the whole look the perfect finishing touch. Shiny, black leather numbers are most suited for formal events. You can also exaggerate by going with ivory, white or brown. Choose the right pair of shoes for your tuxedo and you are all set to floor the people with your panache.

If you want to stand out in a crowd of millions, it is necessary for you to pick stand-out accessories to go with the attire. Being the tux-clad man isn’t enough; you need to have a sense of fashion, aura, sophistication and dashing blend of royal etiquettes to carry off a tux. These should be sufficient to get you going, and you could easily be mistaken for Bond; James Bond.