Types Of Bags

Types of Bags

Bags are the single most desirable and everlasting fashion accessories that have never really gone out of style. There must be a thousand varieties of bags out there. How would you know which one to pick? Some of us may not have even known the names for these bags although we might have seen them. Along with being extremely functional, bags are used as a fashion accessory, as a multi utility article and as a travel aid. It is good to know some of the broad categories of bags found in the market today. It can make your shopping and your decisions a whole lot easier along with saving a lot of time. The best part is, bags are no longer seen solely as a woman’s item, they play a major part in the lives of the opposite sex too. Read on to know more about the fascinating world of bags.

Different Types Of Bags

For Women

Shoulder Strap Bag
These are some of the most common bags found in the market today. As the name suggests, these have shoulder straps that go over the shoulders. These bags are easy to carry around and can be used for both formal and casual purposes. These look best when teamed with a pair of denims and a crisp shirt. The hobo bags are also shoulder strapped bags that have a crescent shape. These come in a variety of colors and can be used with a number of outfits. They are very popular with young and working women as they are attractive and functional at the same time.

Handbags are slightly modified versions of the shoulder strap bags and are generally smaller in size. These are meant to be carried in one hand rather than slung across the shoulder. It can be inconvenient to carry a handbag if it is too heavy, as one hand will always remain occupied with it. Handbags are definitely popular among women though, and look great with formal and semi-formal outfits.

These are oversized bags made of natural cloth or soft materials such as jute. These usually come with inspiring or humorous messages on them. Totes are popular with young, teenage girls who like to carry a lot of stuff and love a dash of color and zest on their bags. Some of these come as open bags and don’t have zippers to them. The others may have only one zipper. There are other categories of bags called the laptop tote that are tailored to fit a large laptop inside, complete with protecting and cushioning layers. These look a lot like the normal totes, except they are a lot larger in size.

Beach Bags
As the name suggests, beach bags are meant to be carried for beach purposes or for long picnics. These are extremely large bags, which are durable and created to carry large loads. They are colorful and come in a myriad of patterns and designs and are made with soft materials or straw. Some of these bags come with a fun sash to add to the glamour of the whole bag. These look very trendy and can be used for casual purposes.

For Men

These are some of the oldest forms of ‘handbags’ for men. They were initially made to carry important, official documents. Some of them were box-shaped, had buckles and were made out of a leather casing. The interiors of the briefcase had sufficient space to store a wide variety of articles. The briefcases that come today, are no more box-shaped and do not have sharp edges. They are far lighter than the ones that were used a decade ago and come in softer structures and can also be seen in the form of sling bags.

Holdalls were traditional travel bags that were used by men for those official trips and purposes. These had sufficient space to carry office articles, clothes and footwear. These were made on similar lines of a duffle bag and looked classy. Most of the Holdalls made at the time were of leather and expensive suede.

General Bags

These bags have one strap and can be worn across the shoulder. They are popular types of bags among the teens and young adults of both sexes. They are extremely convenient to carry, and can carry, heavy loads. This bag can be teamed with all western wear and can look extremely chic and casual. Satchels are great for a long day out.

Suitcase are popular travel bags required for storing clothes, footwear and other important articles for a long or short journey. Most suitcases are substantial in size and have compartments and belts to secure the luggage inside. Some are made of a hard, durable casing while others are made out of plastic, cloth and leather. These come in handy for long hours of travel by air, rail, sea and road.

School Bag
School bags are large convenient bags that are manufactured for school-going children and teenagers. They come in a variety of colours, materials and designs with multiple compartments and casements to carry books, documents, lunch boxes and other personal items.

Trolley Bags
Trolley bags are the more compact and the newer versions of suitcases that can be dragged across the floor with the help of an adjustable handle. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are popular choices for those who want to travel light for long journeys. They are more manageable than suitcases and are made of softer, more flexible, materials.

Camera Bag
Camera bags are ultra-light bags that are used to store the camera and all its accessories. They can come as pouches for smaller cameras or as elaborate bags for professional cameras. These bags come with compartments for separate accessories that protect them from getting lost. They are compact, light-weight and, in most cases, come with the camera itself.

Laptop Bags
As the name already suggests, laptop bags carry laptops. Most of these bags come with the laptops and have separate compartments to store the charger, the laptop itself and its other accessories. They are cushioned bags that come with a handle for shoulder support, and protect the laptop from being damaged. This also makes it easier to carry the laptop around.

Sports Bags
Sports bags are used while training at the gym. These are used to carry all the important items of the person including a change of clothes, a water bottle, a towel and any other personal article. These usually come with shoulder straps for easy handling and are manufactured by most, large sports brands.

Pouches & Wrist Bags
These are small bags with drawstrings, used to carry small articles such as coins, paper currency and a few knick-knacks. These are small enough to be held in the palms of the hand, kept in a pocket or hung loose over a finger and/or the wrist. While women’s pouches come in different prints and sizes, men’s are generally black.

So, now we know that bags are an inevitable part of our lives and whatever the occasion or purpose, there is always a type of bag that can suit a person’s need. Whether it is a fancy dinner, a regular school day or just for travelling from one place to another, bags are a necessary part of our lives and make things a lot easier and more functional.