Types Of Boots

types of boots

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of swank boots that can make you feel like a star? Many of you might love the idea of possessing a pair of classy boots that can suit every outfit you have in the wardrobe. This is also true that a lot of you might not know the different types available in the market today. Boots can enhance your appeal and your attire by ten-fold. Apart from having a high utility value, boots can look extremely snazzy and can almost instantaneously jazz up an otherwise, boring wardrobe. Big, small, thick or thin, boots are the ideal footwear for all seasons, particularly the chilly ones. They can protect your feet from getting a frost bite and also from the splashy water on the roads during the monsoons. Boots are considered to be the boldest fashion maneuvers in recent times because they are now increasingly being teamed with everything such as jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses! If this is enough to get you wanting your very own pair of boots, it is advisable to understand the different types before choosing your dream pair.

Different Types Of Boots

Ankle Boots
As the name suggests, ankle boots come right up to the ankle. They are convenient boots that are not too thick and are comfortable to slide into for a casual day out. Apart from protecting your feet from the cold, these boots look very straightforward and look best in neutral shades. Take your pick between leather, suede and velvet for these shoes. These look best with tight pants or denims.

Wellington Boots
Wellington boots are must haves for those who live in the particularly wetter places of the world. These are also known as rubber boots or gummies. These boots became famous after the British aristocracies used them while hunting and other outdoor activities. The production of this boot began right during the WWI, and it was named after the Duke of Wellington. The Duke himself was seen, on countless occasions, wearing these. These boots are made out of rubber and are best suited for areas with a long, monsoon season and muddy grounds. Wellington boots now come in a variety of colors and designs and suit all pockets. These look best with classy raincoats and denims.

Cowboy Boots
A write-up on boots is incomplete without the mention of America’s famous cowboy boots. This will immediately take you back to Clint Eastwood’s ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ and Harrison Ford’s ‘Indiana Jones’. These boots relate to a specific set worn by the famous cowboys of the southwest. The fashion diffusion was so rapid that everyone began to adopt this sort of country style in their everyday wear. Cowboy boots are made with the finest grades of leather and come with a bit of heels called the ‘Cuban heel’. In modern times, these boots are best teamed with dresses, denims and even shorts. Cowboy boots look best in neutral colors, are suited for all seasons and look best with low rise jeans and a nice crisp shirt. Most cowboy boots are made out of cowhides, but there are a few that come in crocodile, snake and eel skin, and can be very expensive.

Ugg Boots
Ugg boots have slowly replaced the fetish for cowboy boots because they are more economical and serve the same purpose. These are made of twin-faced sheep skin and are purchased more for their warmth and comfort. These provide all the warmth your feet need in the cold weather. Ugg boots are extremely popular all over the US and Europe and come in various designs. Some even come with extra fur, added on as an embellishment to the boot. These can be worn with almost everything, from trench coats, to denims, to dresses and skirts.

Ski Boots
These boots cannot be used for any other purpose apart from skiing. They are protective footwear used while skiing down thick ice. They were originally made out of leather back in the days although, in modern times, these are made of hard plastic and hybrid leather. There are various types of ski boots used on ski rinks and mountain tops. Some of the popular types are rear-entry boots, side-entry boots and the common front-entry boots.

Combat Boots
These boots were originally manufactured for the military but are quickly picking pace as high-fashion footwear. Combat boots are the new age of boots and have quickly positioned themselves in the lives of fashionable people. Most people are proud owners of combat boots purely for their flexibility and toughness. Apart from looking great with denims, combat boots are also popular choices for women who are now pairing them with floral dresses, trench coats, skirts and shorts. It is advisable to buy these boots if you do not have a pair already. These are common in the punk, rock and gothic culture.

Knee High Boots
Knee high boots are sassy footwear that come all the way up to the knee and look great with minimal attire. Shorts and mini-skirts look great with these boots and you could be making a fashion statement with these.

Hip Boots
Hip boots are very uncommon in the market today because of their inflexibility. These boots come all the way till the hip and can get extremely uncomfortable with clothing unless you are just in your underpants. Jokes apart, hip boots are commonly known as ‘waders’ and are primarily used by fishermen who wade through the water while fishing. These don’t allow the water to seep into the clothes of the fishermen, which is why they are convenient fishermen options.

Hiking Boots
Hiking boots are primarily used by hikers for long walks or ‘hikes’. These come with the best quality leather and are known for their thick and sturdy bases. Hiking boots can only be used for hiking purposes and are considered to be too heavy for everyday use.

Why bother going for only one pair of boots when there are so many! The next time you go shopping, you will not be confused with the different types available in the market. Look for what suits you, your sense of fashion and your budget. Don’t hesitate in exploring the world of boots. Just dive in and you are sure to be spoilt for choice!