Types Of Earrings

Types of earrings

Do you want to look feisty like your next-door-neighbor who has a zillion ear piercings? Are you buying earrings for the first time or are you just looking for a change but unsure of the types available? Try counting the different pairs of hoops, dangling drops and studs you have. Maybe you DO need a change. We all know that women aren’t the only ones with earrings in their wardrobes anymore. Men have slowly caught the bug, and are now getting some ear art done too. So, if you have boring earrings in your wardrobe which you wish to flush out, you’ve come to the right place. There are about a gazillion types of earrings in the market today; many with a lot of tribal art and Indian influences on them. If you feel like dumping your old, boring dangly earrings, go ahead and look for something more intricate. If you are still confused, this article will guide you and help you understand the different types of earrings in the market in case you want to buy new ones or just get some general information. So, throw out those boring pair of studs, and read on.

Different Types Of Earrings

Studs are perhaps the simplest earrings you can find in the market today. They look like they are sitting on the ear lobe without being supported from the back. Expensive jewelry is safer to wear when it is in the form of studs. It does not fall easily and doesn’t attract unwanted attention to itself. Diamonds and pearl studs are very popular, and can make anyone feel like a million bucks. In case you are not looking for expensive studs, you will be able to find different studs made out of plastic and metal with cute little designs and colors. Some come in the shapes of slippers, bunny rabbits, fruits, spikes and everything else imaginable. They are funky accessories that can be worn by men and women. A pair of cute studs is a wardrobe must-have and makes your attire look funky and sophisticated depending upon what you choose to wear.

Hoops have been in fashion for decades now, and resemble a large ring. They can make any outfit look stunning, whether it’s a flowery summer dress, or a winter cocktail dress. Hoops are easy to wear and go through the ear in a circular manner. Heavy hoops, with other material attached to it, can make the ear lobe expand in size and tear, so make sure you don’t go too over the top with a pair of hoops. Stick to a simple pair that looks snazzy. Standard hoops come in metallic shades, but if you are opting for something funkier this season, try loud colors and bright patterns. It can make your face look a lot brighter and can add a little zing to your outfit.

Tribal earrings have become extremely popular in the market and can be worn with almost anything, provided you are feeling venturesome. Tribal earrings can look disastrous if teamed with formal western wear. The Indian ‘Jhumkas’ cannot be missed. They are umbrella-like, dangly earrings and are found in markets all over the world. Try wearing these earrings with a pair of jeans and a funky top or a gypsy skirt or a plain dress. They usually don’t have screws to tighten the earring at the back; they balance themselves with French hooks through the ear. Tribal earrings are sure to make heads turn with all the little fancy intricate designs, beading and vivid colors.

Dangly Drops
These earrings are meant to flow down the ear. They are elegant pieces with different patterns, styles and work that can make your ears look dazzling. They are also held together with a French hook and there is no closure at the back of the ear lobe. These earrings come in every shape possible. Stones, gems, beads and other materials are strung together and fall beautifully against every face type. These types of earrings can be worn for any occasion and for all types of attire.

Spikes are the longer versions of studs, and go right through the ear with a thicker diameter. They are very tight against the pierced area, which is why they don’t fall out too easily. Spikes are extremely faddish among the teenagers and are used for both the ear and cartilage. It is not surprising that these earrings are a big hit with the men. This sort of fashion became a rage in the late 90’s, post the advent Westernization at the hands of rock/heavy metal bands. This culture has permeated through all geographical boundaries and has been a hit since then!

Clip On’s
This is a convenient option for someone who wants to escape the ear piercing agony. As the name suggests, clip on’s have clips on either side of the earring, which have to be flapped down tightly against the ear lobe. The clip stays in place because of the force exerted by the mechanism of the clips on both sides. They are must have’s for the people who think ear piercing is a pain. The good news about clip on’s that they come for all types of ears and all types or earrings. So, all you needle-haters out there, head out to the market straight away, and grab a bunch of cool clip-on earrings and jazz up your wardrobe.

Buying Tips

    • Consider the shape and size of your face before trying a type
    • See what’s new and what’s in fashion
    • Stick to your budget
    • Keep it simple
    • Don’t be boring. Buy a different type every time you go out. After all, who knows what a pair of earrings can do? 

Earrings can be fun to wear. They can glamorize a sober look and get you set for the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with earrings. When wore sensibly, they can never make you look over dressed. They are small accessories that work wonders. So grab your tote and revamp your earrings stand. It’s never too late to stop looking boring.