Types Of Lingerie

types of lingerie

Lingerie is what you typically make of it. You can consider it to be boring body support or sensual apparel that can make you feel undeniably irresistible, even if it is hidden under piles of clothing. Apart from its functions, lingerie, whether sexy or demure, has proven to be a mental stimulant for countless women, who grow to love their bodies with the right fit, type and color of Lingerie. One of the most versatile pieces of clothing, lingerie can either make or break your confidence and appeal, depending on your body type and your taste for innerwear. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of lingerie available in the market that can either make you feel racy, coquettish or just plain comfortable. Apart from being seductive pieces of under-clothing, there are multitudinous utilities for lingerie that serves day-to-day, formal or just personal purposes. Whatever the necessity or occasion, you are bound to bump into these at your local store. Read on to take your pick!

Different Types Of Lingerie

Brassieres, or “Bras” as they are commonly called, are some of the most flexible pieces of innerwear. They are used for support, elevation and act as a protective cover for the breasts. Depending on an individual’s chest type, bras come in various cup sizes and frames that suit individual palettes in style, utility and fabric. Compared to other types of under-clothing, bras come in a huge variety that include strapless, halters, bikini fits, demi-cups, wired, underwired, padded, push-up, t-shirt fits, athletic fits, backless and racerback fits. These are then broadly divided into three prime categories; daily wear, naughty lingerie and formal wear.

A Bustier is a typical strapless bra that goes all the way down till the waist. It has a dual function of acting as a push up bra and tightening the midriff for a leaner appearance. These pieces of lingerie are typically made of silk, lace or satin that is designed to look sexy, as well as create a fuller form by enhancing and augmenting the shape of the cleavage. These are perfect choices to be worn under formal clothing or dresses with no straps. Along with being an accompaniment to formal garments, these are impeccable, erotic eye candy for that intimate occasion.

Thongs/ G-Strings
Although different in appearance, g-strings and thongs are quite similar in nature. They both cover the front portion of a woman’s genitalia and leave the rear portion exposed to put an emphasis on the shape of a woman’s derriere along with divulging the fullness of the rear. Unless you have a perfect bottom like Jennifer Lopez, it isn’t recommended for women who are slightly on the conservative or heavier side. Originally used by men to cover their genitals in the early periods, these are now increasingly used by women for utility, style and intimate purposes. They are easy to slip on, and come in different varieties such as V-strings, ruffles, C-strings or the T-back made out of diverse materials such a lace, silk, satin and even, cotton. G-strings or thongs can be used in place of the normal underwear, if you want to hide the fine lines of underwear while wearing a tight or a light-colored dress. If you are feeling bold and adventurous, then the G-string is a good place to start!

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls are convenient negligees that resemble a short dress with a built in bra. These are enticing garments that expose and cover the right amount of skin. They are made out of soft materials, such as silk, satin or nylon, which give them a flowing sheer. Baby Dolls deliberately expose the cleavage, and even enhance the breasts if chosen in a push-up style. They conveniently expose the legs and even come with matching underpants to go with the built-in bra. Perfect for casual nightwear and intimate purposes, these garments suit lean body types and are a hot favorite among women.

Chemises are similar to Baby Dolls except they are a lot longer in length. They come right up to the knee and are made out of fine, sheer material such as satin or silk. These flatter all body types and are intended to tease. With plunging necklines, tight straps and flattering cuts, these gowns are not only appealing, but provide equal comfort to the user. Fitted, flared or straight cuts, you will find a variety of Chemises in the market that will suit your preference.

Corsets were popular forms of clothing in the Victorian and Edwardian era and are still used by many women today. They are tight-fitting, stiff bodices that cover the bust and clinch at the waist. The corset was primarily used to make the midriff look thinner by altering its shape. The breasts were made to look fuller and more enhanced. These are adjustable and come with strings of lace or zippers to tighten or loosen the garment. Popular accompaniments to the corsets are garter belts that add to the visual splendor and also keep the garment in place.

Camisoles are some of the most popular lingerie garments that are strappy, have a loose fitting and go all the way down to the waist. These look chic and can be used as nightwear, as a slip or even under a dress coat for a normal day out. One of the most comfortable types of lingerie, camisoles are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. These are typically made out silk or satin and, at times, are also made in leather or cotton.

Garter Belts
Garter belts are to be worn by women, under clothes and not on them! These can be clipped to a sexy pair of stockings or underwear and are great, erogenous garments. Garter belts can be worn with matching bras and underpants for that visually-stimulating effect.

These are popular types of underwear and are currently in vogue. Lingerie does not always have to be alluring and sexy. The classic, French cut hipster is a perfect example that blends style with comfort. These sit on the hips and do not resemble full briefs. Most hipsters have a bikini cut for the rear portion and come in flattering colors and exquisite lace work.

Themed Lingerie
‘Themes’ are exciting masks for otherwise, standard lingerie. Themed lingerie can come in the form of fantasy costumes with added ‘peek-a-boo’ effects, with daring silhouettes and bold colors. To experiment with themed lingerie, one has to mentally and physically ready for the risqué transition! These are great to spice up your intimate life and can add a little bit of ‘fun’ to your wardrobe.

Whatever the occasion, there are many options of lingerie for a woman. The next time you walk into a store, you are sure to have a clearer insight of what might suit or flatter your body the best. Whether it is just to enhance your dazzling collection of undergarments in your wardrobe or for specific purposes, lingerie are great garments that can stir excitement, sensuality and also provide unparalleled support to your body.