Types Of Pants

types of pants

Pants have been important clothing articles for decades now. These have been extremely popular with men and women alike and have been used for various purposes for centuries. Pants were initially designed to be worn by men, but the bug quickly caught on and the fashion spread like wild fire to women of all sections of the society. For years, pants have been worn to socializing events, work, official and casual trips etc. Women began adopting this fashion in the early 19th century and started teaming them with tight blouses that accentuated their curves. In modern times, there have been so many types and variations of pants in the market that suit different body types that it is difficult to keep track of fashion at times. Some of the most commonly found pants for both men and women are trousers, jeans, cargo pants, chinos, pleated pants etc. Read on to know and understand more about the different types of pants.

Different Types Of Pants

For Men

Casual Pants

Casual pants are the most popular types of pants for men. Jeans/denim pants find their place in this category and have risen to become a forerunner in the market for pants. These pants suit every occasion and can be worn as a part of formal or casual wear with different types of shirts, suits and accessories. Colored casual pants are quickly catching up in the market as a hot fashion trend and these are being adopted by teenagers and young adults galore. These can moderately priced and/or expensive. Casual pants are found in abundance in the market today and are made to suit every body type. Some of the types are baggy jeans, slim fit, low rise and mid-rise casual pants.

Cargo Pants
For those who like high adrenaline sports, like hiking, trekking, etc., there can’t be a better option than a pair of cargo pants. These are tailored to comfort and allow for a lot of free movement of air because of their loose fitting. Cargo pants have a lot of patch pockets, zippers and are made of the softest, most comfortable materials. These are made for wear and tear purposes and are hand stitched to perfection.

Formal Pants
There are different variations of formal pants. There are pleated formal pants and flat-front formal pants. Pleated pants are the sophisticated looking trousers with a few front pleats; these are used for all important occasions such as job interviews, formal parties, events and weddings. Flat front pants, on the contrary, are a lot more casual in nature and don’t have any pleats on them. They are tailored to perfection and suit specific body types.

Dress Pants
Dress pants are a more elegant version of the formal pants and are intended for formal and semi-formal occasions. They are extremely tight fitting and look good only on slim people. These pants tend to crease because of the fitting and are meant to be worn with only white tie suits. Synthetic, wool and polyester are some of the commonly used materials for these pants.

Khakis, popularly known as Chinos, are made for outdoor purposes and allow for a lot of air space and comfort. These pants are similar to cargo pants but they have lesser pockets and are usually of a military color called “khaki”. They are great pants to own and can be teamed with almost anything for casual wear. These pants come in two varieties; the straight cut and the boot cut.

For Women
Casual Pants
Jeans and denims are the most popular choices for women also. They are trendy, hip and can be worn for any occasion, at any point of the day because of their versatility. Women have a lot more choices with jeans than men like boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, slim fit, pencil fit, skinny fit, bell bottoms and even cropped pants made out denim material. Nowadays, companies produce individual sets of jeans complementing the waist and rear type of women. Palazzos are another form of casual pants that get extremely wide at the bottom. They are made of fine fabrics and do not crease easily. These can be used for dressy and casual purposes when teamed with a nice tight t-shirt, shoes and a trendy bag.

Harem Pants
Harem pants are the new ‘in-thing’ in the world of fashion. These pants take you back to what Jasmine used to wear in Disney’s Aladdin. These pants are made of the softest materials and are meant to flow waist down till the ankles. They are tight at the waist, accentuating the hip and flare out only to get tight at the ankles again. These are extremely comfortable to walk, play and work in and are current trendsetters in the market. They are flexible pants that can be worn with normal t-shirts or tank tops and come in bright colors. Belly dancers of the Middle East have been linked with this sort of fashion since time immemorial.

Formal Trousers
These trousers are similar to those of men except that they have better fitting. They come in various shapes and lengths catering to the size and shape of a woman’s body. These are made of cotton, polyester and wool and come in dark and neutral shades for the working, professional woman. These trousers look classy and can be teamed with tight shirts and blouses.

Leggings And Jeggings
Leggings are popular skin-fitting pants worn under long t-shirts, skirts, dresses and shorts. These come in lycra material and sometimes, even cotton. They cling on to the skin, accentuating the lower portions of a woman’s body. Jeggings are the same as leggings, except that these are made of denim. Jeggings are stretchable, far more comfortable than jeans, and fit like a glove. They are seen as hybrids of jeans and leggings.

Yoga Pants
As the name suggests, yoga pants are manufactured for yoga and meditation purposes. They are on the same lines as track pants and are perfect for those home or gym workouts. They are made of stretch cotton and are tight at the waist. These come in different styles, shapes, patterns and fits.

Pants have been the most versatile articles of clothing for a very long time now. They have been modified and transformed several times with the changing trends and fashion. They have always been at the pinnacle of haute-couture and have multifarious varieties suiting to various tastes, fashions, body types and even statures of the people.