Types Of Sandal

Fashion Accessories

If you are looking for footwear that provides maximum comfort and allows you to roam around freely, sandals are the best bet for you. Easy to wear and comfy, sandals are perfect foot partners of casual outings, especially in summers. Their go-with-everything nature makes them favorite footwear not only for women but also for men. High-heeled sandals are also classy but can be use only on specific surfaces. A pair of flat sandals comes handy whenever you want to wander along the beach or even try some trekking. Some of the sandals are so flat and light that you don’t even feel that you have worn them at all. However, you need to consider the purpose while picking up a pair of sandals. You may use ultra-flat sandals while going for an evening walk but, that won’t suit you if you are looking for something which gives some cushioning effect and suspension. There are several types of sandals that may suit your requirement. Have a look at the types of sandals and pick up the one that goes well with your activities.

Different Types Of Sandals

Ladies Sandals

Platform Sandals
If you are well-trained to walk on heels, then platform sandals can be a perfect fashion accessory for you. Fancier alternative to flat sandals, platform sandals comes with thick soles of at least four inches height. The sole is often made of materials like cork, plastic, rubber or wood. This type of sandals is generally considered as a more casual option than a pair of strappy heels. Take a look at the height of the heel and pattern before picking them up.

Thong Sandals
If you wish to wander on foot and need to wear sandals just for the sake of it, thong sandals would be the perfect choice for you. Popular by other names like flip-flops, Hawaii, zoris, Japanese sandals, jandals etc., thong sandals are open type and are suitable for outdoors, especially on beaches. The sandal derived the name from its Y shaped strap, which resembles thong. Flat sole and a thin thong, that passes between the first and second toes, makes it comfortable to wear and even remove.

Perfect for all occasions, T-strap sandals are elegant and classy and are called so because they create a T-shape across your feet. These come in a variety of patterns, colors and materials, providing you with plentiful choices to select from.

Gladiator Sandals
Gladiators, the must-haves of summers, are a variety of t-strap sandals and have several straps running across the front of the foot. Gladiators are available in a range of materials and patterns. Leather, rattan and plastic are common materials; popular colours may vary from classic tan to metallic. Some patterns come with added embellishments like embroidery, stamps, beads, etc.

Wedge sandals have heels running the length of the sandal such that the sole is thicker at the heel and thinner toward the toes. These strappy sandals are the best choices for summers. The wedges may be formed of wood, rubber, plastic or cork.

Sophisticated and timeless, espadrilles are attractive in their own way; they come with flexible soles that are usually made of rope or rubber. Adding heels, platforms and colorful straps to these sandals can give them a whole new look. These fashionable and sensible shoes are now available with beautiful embellishments like laces, decorative buttons, ribbons etc.

Men’s Sandals

Thong Sandals
Men’s thong sandals, just like their ladies counterparts, also have Y-straps and are designed to wear comfortably when outdoors and/or on beaches. These come with a flat sole and the thong strap passes between the first and second toes, providing excellent grip.

Walking Sandals
Men’s walking sandals are functional rather than fashionable. They have adjustable straps that help them fit snugly into the feet. The fully adjustable padded heel makes walking comfortable and effortless. Many of them come with enhanced shock absorption and nylon shank for stability. Highly gripped soles provide a strong hold even in wet places.

Beach Sandals
Luxury and comfort are the two essential things to look for in a sandal. Beach sandals, as the name suggests, are casual sandals designed to walk comfortably. They have excellent grip and offer a strong foothold. Rubber and plastic are the most common materials used for beach sandals. They are highly durable too.

Water Sport Sandals
If you like spending time on the beach, water sports sandal is the perfect one to opt for. Water sport shoes are highly versatile for use on land as well as in water. They are light and breathable and allow water to flow out easily thus eliminating the chances of walking around with soggy feet. They allow air to flow in and thus help in drying out wet feet easily. Comfortable and cool, these sandals never get overheated, making them ideal for bicycling. This is the best casual sandal one can ever have.

Topless Sandals
These are sticky sandals that have absolutely nothing above your feet, neither any covering nor any thong between the toes. Instead, they have adhesive pads that stitch on to your feet. These adhesive pads are sticky enough to get attached to your feet and the sandals can be used in water or even sky skiing. Just peel off the protective covering and walk on. Simply pull it off to remove!

Sandals originated as a protective covering for the feet but, in the due course of time, they evolved as one of the most important fashion accessories. Sandals are now available in endless designs and materials, providing you a number of options to select from. You may select your favorite one, but do not forget to check whether it fits your feet well or not.