Types Of Sneakers

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Types Of Sneakers

Sneakers are the most comfortable and lightweight shoes one can ever have! Synonymous with athletic shoes, sneakers have become an important part of hip-hop culture since the 1970s. They are highly flexible and usually have rubber soles while the upper part is made of canvas or leather. These shoes have become a fascination and many people collect them as fashionable items. Such people are known as “Sneakerheads”. Sneakers are comfortable and trendy and this is the reason that they have gained place in the fashion wardrobe of many people. These shoes are the healthier alternatives to other footwear. Whether going out for a casual walk or on to an adventurous trip, sneakers are the best footwear to pick. There are different types of sneakers designed for specific purposes. The types of sneakers are mentioned below; have a look at them and pick the one that best suits your purpose.

Different Types Of Sneakers

Casual Sneakers
Meant for casual use, this type of sneaker shoes are comfortable enough for regular use. These shoes are designed to suit both men and women. They usually come with canvas or suede leather on the upper part, thus allowing your feet to breathe. They often come with soft, removable foot-beds and are equipped with extra cushions and circulation nubs. The soles of casual sneakers have shock absorbers to ensure comfortable walking. Different types of sneaker shoes are available nowadays, you can select the one that suits the activity in which you indulge, for instance, there are different sneakers for trekking, walking, jogging, etc.

Dance Sneakers
It is advisable to get a pair of dance sneakers if you are a passionate dancer. Dance sneakers help you dance comfortably, without causing any discomfort or pain in your feet, thereby helping you dance longer with the same intensity and passion. Designed to be flexible and light to meet the needs of dancers, these shoes are made with Dynamic Resistance Technology. The upper part is made of lightweight materials like sleek leather while the soles are equipped with shock absorbers to provide maximum comfort. Dance sneakers help in smooth spin circles and quick effortless turns which are frequent and unavoidable movements in dance.

Athletic Sneakers
It is important to have good equipment, along with sharp skills to perform well in athletics and sports. The right kind of equipment makes you comfortable and allows you to put in your best every time. Especially in sports and athletics, you need to have quick movements, which would not be possible without the right kind of shoes. Sneaker shoes are a good choice to wear while participating in sports. With an upper part made of canvas or fine leather, these facilitate good breathing; Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate midsole provides good suspension. Athletic sneakers are designed in low cut design so as to facilitate free movement. External heel cup helps in better gripping of the ground and also provides pace on uneven and rugged grounds.

High-Top Sneakers
These are a category of sports sneakers designed in such a way that they cover the ankles. This shoe is mainly used in athletics, especially in Basketball. These shoes have a soft and light upper part that allows your feet to breathe and a highly strong and flexible sole that has amazing suspension. These sneakers support those with hypermobility and fallen arches. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Apart from sports shoes, some dress and casual shoes are also designed as high-top.

Low-Top Sneakers
Apt for casual usage, low-top sneakers are highly comfortable to wear on a daily basis. They generally have a soft top which stays below the ankle. The canvas sole is highly durable and flexible. These sneakers can be used in sports as well as on casual outings. The removable foot bed is smooth and comfortable to the foot. The fact that these are extremely easy to clean and maintain is just cherry on an already delicious cake.

Sneaker Boots
Sneaker boots are similar to sneakers in looks but, their functionality is quite different from sneakers; they cover the feet up to the calf. Some sneaker boots have flat canvas sole whereas, some other patterns come with pointed heels or platform/wedge heels. Thus, sneaker boots are associated with fashion, unlike the other kind of sneakers which are associated with sports and athletics.

Sneakers are extremely comfortable shoes, used mainly in sports and athletics. Though popular as sports shoes, these can be fashionable too. Given above are some types of sneaker shoes designed for specific needs. Select the one that suits your requirement.