Types of Women’s Shoes

types of women's shoes

Shoes are a women’s best friend. No woman stops at just a pair of shoe. When it comes to mentioning women’s shoes, the general classification is just heels and flats. Only a woman knows that there are so many different styles in between. You need to have different shoes for different occasions. There has to be an office wear, a casual wear, an eveningwear, beachwear, a rough wear and the list is almost endless. There is no woman who does not love to shop for shoes. Shoes do play an important role in making you feel attractive. Imagine that you are going for a party and you have an amazing gown waiting to be worn, but have no matching shoes to go with it. The whole combination of the gown with a sandal would be so mismatched that you would be left flustered, let alone be able to enjoy the party and feel good about yourself. To know what kinds of shoes are good for each occasion, it is essential to know the different styles of shoes that women normally wear.

Different Types of Women’s Shoes

Ankle Straps
An ankle strap shoe can have one or many straps that can be tied around the ankles. The straps can be of leather, laces, ribbons, or satin and can be wrapped around your legs. Ankle strap shoes can be flat or can have heels ranging between 2.5 inches and 5 inches. You can wear ankle strap shoes with a skirt that ends above the knees, or with shorts.

Ballet Flats
Descendants of ballet shoes, they are flat enclosed shoes, which are easy to wear. They are available in different designs and sometimes come encrusted with pearls, rhinestones, flowers, etc. Women of all ages prefer having a ballet flat in their wardrobe because of its ease with the feet.

If you are an outdoor type, then you should surely own a pair of boots. Boot guards your feet from dangerous weather conditions and rough terrain. Wearing a pair of sleek boots with snug fit jeans is sure to make you look stylish and sexy. Flat boots are for a casual look while boots with heels are quite dressy. There are different types of boots such as ankle high boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, chap boots, and crotch boots.

Evening Shoes
Evening shoes come in almost all styles of shoes such as mules, pumps, sandals, heels and even flats. Most evening shoes are studded with jewels and beads and are made with the most luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet, suede and the best of leather.


Kitten Heels: This is a shoe with a low heel, usually 1.5 inches or less, that is set in from the back of the shoe. The heel tapers down to a narrow base.
Low Heels: These shoes have heels that are not more than three inches. Office goers and women who are constantly on their feet prefer low heels, as they are comfortable.
Medium Heels: Shoes that has heels anywhere between three and five inches can be termed medium heels. These shoes too are comfortable to be worn by women who are on the go.
High Heels: High heels or stilettos have heels that are above five inches and are usually thin and spiky. Stilettos look elegant and feminine, making it a good formal wear.

Mary Jane
Once upon a time, Mary Jane shoes were associated with children. Though times have changed, this round toed, low-heeled shoes still appeal to every woman who has a little girl inside her. What sets it apart from other casual shoes is the distinctive strap that cuts across bridge of the foot.

Though it gives the appearance of a normal shoe, mules are open at the back. This makes it very easy to slip on. Mules come with flats or high heels. Mules generally have a round toe that is closed, open, or have a peep toe.

These low cut shoes support a foot from all sides. Pumps can have an ankle strap or have peep toes. They come in heels of all heights, goes well with office attire, and are popular among professional women. The classic black pump is a must have in every women’s wardrobe.

Peep Toe
This is a kind of pump shoe that has its front cut in such a way that it exposes the toes of the wearer. When only the big toe or the middle toe is exposed using a smaller cut, it is called peep toe shoes.

Sandals can be flat or heeled. Open all over exposing the feet, its front and back is usually fastened with a strap or more. Mostly used for casual wear, sandals are best preferred for a day at the beach or for shopping at the mall.

Sling Backs
A style that comes between the mule and full shoes, sling backs has adjustable straps at the back of the ankle to give it the best fit. Very comfortable to wear, sling backs come in different styles such as a sandal or a peep toe and can be worn on most occasions.

This is women’s casual wear. With rubber soles, sneakers are laced up and so can be tightened and loosened up at will. There are many kinds of sneakers, such as jogging or running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, etc, and are worn for work out and other athletic events.

In this shoe, the heel and the sole are connected. They have thick platform soles, which make them comfortable to walk in. Wedges come in different shapes and heights. Some even resemble a stiletto. Wedge shoes can be worn with most outfits.

Types of women’s shoes do not end with this list. Fashion trends keep changing everyday and new styles in shoes keep appearing. When you buy shoes, always look for comfortable ones. If the shoes you wear are not easy on your feet, they could give you a hard time. Ill-fitting shoes can cause health problems related to legs and back. So, upgrade your shoe rack with the latest collections of the season!