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You can throw in your shopping bags full of new, trendy clothes into the wardrobe, but at some point of time, they are going to become ancient and ‘out-of-fashion’. Where do you go then? This is a prime reason to build on a strong ‘must-haves’ foundation in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe essentials pretty much act like the brick and mortar of your style and fashion. You can never go wrong with these essentials and with a few, closet boosting basics you can accessorize or add on to the look for the next 30 days of the month. The trick here is to avoid spending too much on new clothes and then dumping them when they are out of fashion. The solution lies in buying a few clothes that are always ‘in’ and pairing them with your wardrobe essentials that will essentially never go out of vogue. From the perfect LBD to navy-blue denims, read on to make a checklist of what you have and what you should.

Ladies Fashion Essentials

The concept of Jeans may sound passé, but denims are essentially the bedrock for all the remaining fashion in our wardrobes. A nice pair of well fitted denims, preferably in navy-blue or black, can not only accentuate those curves on your body, but can make you feel comfortable, and look chic. Jeans are extremely versatile pieces that can never go out of fashion and look great when teamed with casual tees or the more formal dressy tops. The right pair of denims, with the right top and accessories, can make you look drop-dead gorgeous. So make sure you do some thorough research on your body type and fitting preferences and invest in a good pair of jeans.

Little Black Dress
The LBD is an absolute favorite and is a must have for women on all budgets. There is so much to offer in terms of cuts and styles in little black dresses. Some feature nice, tight bodices and a flared bottom, while some come in a flattering, body hugging shape. You will also find V-necks, halters and even, off-shoulder dresses. See what suits your figure and shape and invest in a nice black dress that will suit casual, party and official purposes. You can play around with your dress by adding on a few accessories, slapping on a nice coat or wearing your opaque tights underneath. Team these with kitty heels or a pair of nice pumps to finish off the look.

The Classic White Button Down
You cannot have a classier option in your wardrobe. The classic white shirt is a versatile top that can be worn for official purposes or made more fun by adding a few colorful beads or accessories for that casual day out. Get a shirt that flatters your torso and opt for a feminine cut. Do not go for a shirt that is too lose or too tight; just enough to flaunt your curves. These look gorgeous with denims, or even formal trousers and a svelte jacket. Whatever the look, the classic white shirt can never be a let-down and should always be at your disposal in the wardrobe.

You never know when you might need a nice-fitted blazer. You might have that urgent official meeting someday or a college event to go to and you may be out of options. Thus, a well fitted blazer should always be a part of your wardrobe as it looks stylish and can make a woman look presentable and elegant. Do not just keep a blazer for corporate purposes; wear it flexibly with all your other attire that can still make you look suave and elegant. If you are feeling a little daring, opt for nice printed blazers with stripes or other patterns that can be worn with casuals and even for official meetings.

The timeless cardigan is a definite must have and can be teamed with a nice comfortable camisole or a dress. These are lighter versions of sweaters and come in different colours. Spice up your look by opting for cardigans with patchwork, beading or nice embroidery. These look swank and can be contrasted with the tee shirt you wear inside or with your bottoms. They are not too expensive and go with all casual wear.

There is nothing wrong in splurging on innerwear. It is essential to understand that you should feel beautiful inside out, and if a pair of tights can do the magic, you should go right ahead and buy them. Opaque black tights are super stylish and can be worn under your clothes making you feel beautiful. These look great with dresses, under long tops, trench coats, skirts and even shorts! If you are feeling gutsy, go right ahead and get yourself these tights in different colors, and see how it spices all your other outfits.

The fluidity of this piece is what adds to the elegance of the whole outfit. Even if you have a not-so-curvy body, you can still slip into a nice, comfortable skirt, and feel gorgeous. Skirts are simple, classic staples for the bottom, unless you prefer trousers which also look chic. Keep your skirts just around knee-level and go for neutrals or dark shades that can flatter your body shape.

Trench Coat
These coats can make you feel stylish even during a miserable weather. Get a nice tailored-fit for your body and make sure you wear layers inside to protect yourself from bad weather. These can be paired with leggings or a nice pair of boots, complementing your outfit. Just opt for a neutral color or dark shades.

A splash of color, right accessories and chic footwear are all you need to renew these wardrobe essentials for every day of the month. The list may seem incredibly boring, but the whole fashion magic lies in these timeless pieces that can be worn and matched with almost everything. These trusted essentials will always be the companions to your other, trendier wardrobe pieces. So, think again before you throw that skirt or your LBD out of the wardrobe.