What To Wear To A Club

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what to wear to a club

There are so many types of clubs today, and what you wear is dictated by the place you are going to and the kind of party or meeting you would be attending. If you are going to a formal club with restricted membership, it is possible that the club has a set dress code. In such a case, it is easy, as all you need to do is just conform to the rules. On the other hand, if you are going to a rock or a dance club, you can dress in a more leisurely fashion, as there are not likely to be any strict dress codes, other than to prevent grossly inappropriate dressing. Generally, none of the clubs for youngsters is formal, but older men’s clubs always tend to expect dressing that is more formal. Therefore, if you dress formally casual, there is the advantage of being well-dressed and stylish. Remember women really love seeing a well-dressed male. The same principle applies to women too. They can generally look casual. Normally, only for a very formal occasion does a woman need to be formally dressed, making women’s club dressing less complicated.

Club Wear Dresses

Formal Club Attire
What you wear to a club, is at times, decided or preset by the club itself. Clubs with restricted memberships will insist on a dress code for normal entry. This might be restricted to certain areas such as the lounge or the bar or the dining hall, where formal attire may be prescribed. The club might also have formal occasions like dinner-dance nights when you would be expected to wear a lounge suit or even a tuxedo suit. Even if it is semi-formal, you may be expected to wear black trousers that have a single satin seam, which can be combined with a black cummerbund or an elegant vest, a smart black bow tie, fashionable black or gold studs, or a nice pair of cuff links, and a classy white silk scarf.

However, most clubs have, over the time, relaxed their dress codes and made room for more and more informal clothing. This is the result of a widespread American influence that states that unless it is a formal occasion, one can generally dress up in a casual comfortable way. The casual club attire could be something like a T-Shirt with pants or even a bush shirt. Nowadays, for semi-formal occasions, you are not required to be dressed up — even a light colored suit with a good tie would serve you well.

Casual Club Attire
For an afternoon at the club or a weekend luncheon, you can consider wearing suit trousers with a dress shirt or a polo shirt, and accessorize it with a leather belt and shoes. This attire would make you look and feel comfortable and, at the same time, ensure that you are well-dressed. Sporting clubs do allow you to wear sports clothing around the clubhouse, but generally, such attire is restricted to the playing areas or verandahs. Always ensure that though you are wearing sports clothing, you are properly clad and keep appropriate footwear on, until you go to the changing room. If you are having a business meeting in a casual setting at the club, you still need to look professional, but stylish. The trick is to remember that with business casual attire, you should aim for a classic look rather than a trendy look. While there are no set rules and you can try your own combinations, ensure you adhere to these simple guidelines.

If you are going to a music club to either listen to music or just dance, you can get into a leisurewear. Anything goes with this type of dressing, and it is up to you to try on any style you prefer. Try a casual jacket, jeans and casual shirts with comfortable footwear. This will make you feel relaxed and in a mind to socialize or just have fun. Of course, there are fashion guidelines you should follow, like wearing well fitting clothing, matching colors and the right belt and shoes. Just do not try to get too creative.

Try to remember that formal dressing has been in existence for a long time and it is unlikely to go away in a hurry. Traditional clubs are places where proper dressing is still showcased and are very often used as a place to display your status and success in society.. While being creative with leisure dressing might sound fun, remember that a well-dressed person is always considered more fashionable, than a poorly dressed one.