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women wardrobe basics

How many of you have looked into your closet and said, “I have nothing to wear?” In fact, most of us start our day with this question. Always keep in mind that whenever you go shopping, invest on the right pieces so that you need not worry each time you open your closet in the morning. “Quality, not Quantity” should be your mantra when you decide to upgrade your wardrobe. All of us end up buying things from the market just by its look, without even stopping to think if it would suit us. Is it comfortable? Is it well cut? We just want to pile up our wardrobe in such a way that we really do not care whether it could be worn later. A woman’s wardrobe should be her best companion. According to the law of fashion, every stylish woman needs to have a few essentials in her wardrobe that would save her from a proverbial panic attack. Basic essentials must be mostly classic pieces, which would fit you properly and are not outdated. It should have the competence to accentuate your best features.

Women Wardrobe Essentials

The Little Black Dress (LBD)
A little black dress is a “must” in every woman’s wardrobe. It is the safest option, especially when you are perplexed about what to wear to a party or a function. A classic LBD will not only camouflage your flaws, but will also emphasize your best features. Try to pick up a dress that is classy yet stylish, as a LBD can never let you down. You can choose from different styles depending on the occasion — for a day look, team up the LBD with a blazer or a cardigan and for extra oomph, accessorize it with pearls; for a night look, instead of a blazer, try on a sparkling jacket with gold ear drops and peep toes. At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters. So put some thought before picking a sleeveless or a cap sleeve, a short or a knee length LBD.

Sexy Blue Jeans
Blue denim can make you look hot and voguish any day. You would never go through a dress dilemma, if you have one of those comfy and curvy accommodating pair of stretchable jeans in your closet. There cannot be anything more comfortable than a pair of denim and a super cool t-shirt with fun flats, which would give you instant peppiness and undeniable appeal. For a chic touch, you can add a business blazer with killer heels. Before you buy jeans, there are few tips that have to be considered:

    • Skinny jeans is for those who have great legs.
    • Pick up flared jeans if you have a heavier hips, it will direct attention away from the hip area.
    • If you are blessed with those envious curves, then try high waist jeans.

If you have decided to buy denim, it is better to invest in dark ones, as it can be worn during the day for a casual look and even for night parties. It gives you a complete, versatile and a slim look.

White Blouse
A crisp white shirt is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. In order to create a fail-safe closet, a white shirt is a must have. Dig up one that fits you well and helps you flaunt your assets. Without hesitation, you can wear a white blouse with a pair of jeans, or trousers depending on the occasion you are planning to go to. “You can wear a white shirt on its own, tucked in or out, under a sweater, under a jacket, or as a part of a dress suit.”- Designer Rocky S.

The perfect way to realize how a scarf can make you look elegant is by observing the French ladies on any given day. You can wear a scarf with kurtis, salwar kameez, denims and tops, floral dresses and what not. A scarf can be also used as a style accessory, by tying it to a handbag, by using it as a belt, as a headband, wrapped on the neck and on goes the list. If you are in no mood to wear any accessories, just wrap a scarf around the neck. It will instantly transform your overall look. Try to choose a bright colored scarf if you are wearing a light shade dress or blouse. A scarf will also protect your face during the summers. If it is too hot during the days to wear a scarf, then just tie it on your handbag for a stylish look.

Patiala Salwar
Who can ever forget Preity Zinta and her Patiala salwars in “Veer Zaara”? Rather than opting for a regular salwar, keep a Patiala salwar in your wardrobe. With its wonderful pleats, it can instantly transform an outfit to its best. Team it up with any short kurti with side slits or without, and there you are — a paradigm of Indian beauty! The ideal choice would be to pick up a pair of white and black Patiala salwars, which could be worn with any color kurtis.

Do not be a fashion victim while choosing pieces for your ultimate wardrobe. When hurrying to pile up your closet, make sure you select the right cuts and colors that suit your body. It should help in enhancing your appearance rather than marring it. After all, it is not fashion that matters; it is the comfort you feel and carry when you dress up, that counts the most.