Women Winter Fashion

women winter fashion

The drop in temperature doesn’t have to mean a drop in fashion trends also. With designers, world over, introducing new fashion trends every year, it is easy to get confused and commit gross fashion faux pas at social gatherings, especially during the winter season. It is quite a fact that while we all happily go over most fashion catalogues, the winter fashion catalogue is often the one that gets sidelines easily. If you can relate to it then please remember that winter and autumn fashion trends are equally important; your personal style statement cannot be season-dependent. If you keep your eyes open to fashion shows, magazine and fashion news, you can be well ahead with your fashion choices and create news all the year through. And if you are concerned that such trends change every year then, we have news for you; the change is only temporary as every trend comes back in fashion every few years.

Winter Fashion Trends For Women

One of the most important fashion trends to have emerged this year, is turtleneck. And not just sweaters, but dress, tunics and coats also. You can style the turtleneck with a short jacket in bright colors. Add some funky jewelry to complete your look. If you have a turtleneck tunic or dress then pair it up with boots, a sheer scarf and metal bangles. Wear a leather belt to look more glamorous.

With changing time there seems to be change in the fashion orientation of men and women. The trend of the metro-sexual man has been around for quite some time and now comes the women counterpart also. Women are now embracing mannish shirts, suits, boots and hats and have even started to look and act like men. Pick up flannel overcoats with ankle-length boots and high waist pants to get the complete look.

Snake Prints
Even though this trend made its debut last summer and was essentially limited to accessories, snake print has now moved on to become a part of winter attire this year. But, this is one style that has to be kept minimal. Pick up maxi-coats, scarves or blouses in snake print. If you’re too intimidated to wear snakeskin then just add a bit of it to your attire with snake print bags, clutches, belts or shoes.

Winter means more layering. So why not add another coat to your wardrobe? This longer and leaner version of the coat or jacket, looks super trendy with floor-length skirts and brightly colored, printed dresses and tunics. You can also wear solid color blouses under them.

Fashion a killer headscarf for yourself with your favorite piece of silk or pashmina. It will provide a light weight warmth and add to the layering technique used in winters. Try knit scarves and shawls also for a diverse effect.

Thigh-High Boots
One of the hottest trends for 2012 winter is a set of high-heeled, thigh-high boots that reach right above your knee. Wear your favorite stockings and team them with a flannel tunic and suede jacket. To complete the look, pick up a cashmere hat.

Gloves are winter essentials and no one ever said that you cannot have fun with them. If you are going elegant this winter, buy a pair of lacy gloves in an assortment of colors ranging from black to light pastel shades. For the bohemian chic look, team your denim skirt with a blouse and fingerless gloves in cashmere or suede.

For this winter, stock up on a few long skirts or midis if you want to jump onto the fashion wagon with élan. Wear a midi with a loose fitting blouse or a silk button down or even a closer fitting top. You can add on a silk scarf to add to the oomph factor. Always accessorize the midi with a belt, either thin or wide depending on your body type. Pick knee-length pleated midi skirts in bright colors to add a dash of color to winter.

Color Trends For Winter
Winter is a season known for sober, neutral and subtle colors that represent the crisp weather. This year’s winter trends feature a whole new palette of bright colors like crimson, neon orange, hot pink, eggplant purple, electric blue etc. The classic colors like black, chocolate brown, gray and white are still in fashion. Do not include all the colors in one single styling attempt; instead create eye-catching and sane combinations with them. Invest in a well fitted jacket or maxi coat in one of the classic colors so that you can reuse it next winter.

This year’s winter fashion for women boasts of classic and versatile styles with many options to add a dash of color to the whole look. Accessories like belts, scarves, handbags and jewelry are equally important to complete the ensemble and can enhance your style manifold. Mix and match to create a number of smart and fresh looks for this winter season and be the winter fashionista also this year.